A Huge MAGA Win Just Happened

It took a while to make it’s way through the New Jersey legal process but, in the end, the settlement is a huge win for deplorables out to Make America Great Again. One school district will never try to edit MAGA gear out of the yearbook photos again.

MAGA T-Shirt Wins

Teacher Susan Parsons never imagined, as she edited the shirt a student chose to wear for their high school yearbook photo, that the stress caused by the controversy would bring in big bucks.

Her New Jersey school district is coughing up a full $325,000 for forcing her to edit out a Donald Trump T-shirt against her will. It was a basic MAGA “Make America Great Again” shirt and the only thing wrong with it was the President is associated with the slogan.

The Wall Township school board wasn’t real happy about approving the settlement agreement on Tuesday, but they went ahead and signed it anyway. They knew they would have lost horribly in court over the issue.

They made a point of noting that “The district made no admission of wrongdoing or liability.” They didn’t want to admit that MAGA shirts come under free speech rights because then they would have to acknowledge the constitution too. The insurance company advised them to simply shut up and let them pay now before they end up having to pay more later.

In addition to her teaching duties, Ms. Parsons was also the school’s yearbook adviser.

A secretary darkened her doorway to inform her that the principal was upset over a yearbook photo for 2017 and remove “Trump Make America Great Again” to “make it appear as if the student was wearing a plain navy blue T-shirt.” The MAGA line “has to go,” she was allegedly told.

A violation of rights

Parsons was offended by the order to edit the MAGA shirt out of existence. To some teachers, censorship amounts to heresy. A deplorable Trump supporter herself, Ms. Parsons voted for Trump in 2016.

She also likes eating and having a place to sleep. So, she did as her employer ordered her to do and edited the photo. Backlash from the community ruined her life. She would have been better off resigning and finding a new career the day the school secretary issued the vile directive.

As soon as the community found out about the missing MAGA slogan, “she was made a scapegoat and received death threats.”

Even though she was following orders from her superiors, “she was suspended with pay after the incident.” She “regularly complained about being forced to alter photos” but nobody seemed to believe her. The lawyers did.

Once Ms. Parsons lawyered up, they leveraged the power of the MAGA movement to make America just a little greater for both her and the offended student. Without having to explain the way they tromped all over a student’s free speech rights and persecuted a teacher for trying to back the student up, the district can quietly write a check and let the whole thing fade into obscurity.

The lawyers made such a persuasive argument that they will get $121,000 off the top. Parsons will pocket about $204,000 and the yearbook has been re-issued “with the original unaltered photo.”

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  1. Left wing A-holes should always have to pay dearly for their Left wing A-hole-ness! Don’t you love a story with a happy ending?

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