A Tesla Owner Just Exposed A Sick Secret About Electric Cars…

The leftists have been incredibly determined to preach about global warming, cooling, climate change, and possible end-of-the-world scenarios for quite some time now.

And it seems that Democrats have been constantly negotiating deals that put the U.S. at an entirely competitive disadvantage when compared to other countries, like our foe Communist China.

Not only that, but they’ve brainwashed younger generations into doing their bidding by convincing them they only have a few years left to live.

And while its a decent racket for them, there is another viewpoint.

Economic observers have known for a long time that nothing comes free, and I think it’s time electric car fans learned this as well.

It’s ironic to think that leftists praise Teslas and other electric cars for being the cure-all for fossil fuel concerns, even though in reality they are causing a tremendous amount of environmental damage.

Forbes contributor Brad Templeton shared his experience of owning an electric car, which tore through expensive tires at an incredibly fast rate.

And while Templeton had praise for the many advantages of electric vehicles, he did admit that frequently replacing the tires is an inconvenient downside.

The doozy was needing new tires at around 28,000 miles,” Temple writes in “Electric Vehicle Maintenance Is Super-Cheap, But The Dark Secret Is Tires” from last month.

“That was too early, far before their rated life.”

“One reason for this was a stupid mistake on my part. In the past, I’ve taken my gasoline cars in for regular service, and they were rotating my tires as needed during this service. Not taking my EV in for service, I never got the rotation done. That not only meant the drive tires of my car wore out faster, it also meant I could not make a warranty claim on them. Lesson learned.”

Its fairly common for these electric vehicles to incur charges for what would be considered a repair instead of just maintenance. In fact, many Tesla 12v batteries fail while still under warranty, not to mention the additional cost that comes with repairs for premium cars. But it seems that the added weight of the electric car paired with the need for high-efficiency, low-noise tires makes for a money trap.

Let’s also not forget that while you’re technically avoiding high gas costs, the cost of the electric vehicle starts at around $56,000, which could be a hefty price tag for many Americans.

With everything being said, it seems that the tradeoff of electric vehicles is having the opposite effect than was originally intended.

Frequent replacement of tires will actually have a negative impact on the environment, due to the fossil fuels required to manufacture the product as well as the wear and tear contributing more microplastics to the environment.

According to a study conducted by John Weinstein, a professor of physiology at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, microplastics become embedded in shrimp gills and guts.

“Somehow, one of these is frowned upon (tar sands), but the other three- cobalt, nickel, and lithium mines (necessary for EV batteries) are “green?” Author Patrick De Haan wrote of the deadly bargain greenies have made with batteries made from land-scarred processes.

While at face value it seems that electric vehicles are better for the environment it’s important to realize that nothing comes free and environmental costs are rising faster than ever before.

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