Actor Richard Gere Helps Immigrants Enter Illegally... and Then THIS happens

Actor Richard Gere Helps Immigrants Enter Illegally… and Then THIS happens

Has-been actor Richard Gere was caught helping a group of leftist activists smuggle illegal immigrants across the border via an NGO rescue ship.

In an attempt to inspire others to follow in his footsteps, Richard Gere allowed himself to be filmed gloating about breaking the law by smuggling illegal immigrants across the Mediterranean to the Italian island of Lampedusa. The washed-up actor boarded the NGO ship Open Arms and posed with illegal immigrants whilst handing out meals.

When footage emerged of the American actor blatantly violating the law and abusing Italy’s immigration process, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was rightfully angered.


Speaking out about Gere’s actions, Salvini asked why the wealthy actor didn’t just fly the 160 illegal immigrants on his “private jet” and allow them to stay at his lavish homes and guest houses, rather than bringing them into someone else’s land and forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill.

“As the generous millionaire airs his demands about the fate of the Open Arms immigrants, we thank him: he will be able to bring everyone in his private jet to Hollywood and keep them in his villas,” Salvini said in a statement after Gere’s press conference.

The wealthy actor openly disregarded Italy’s sovereignty, suggesting that Italian taxpayers should be forced to pay to allow illegal immigrants to enter their ports freely.

While Malta agreed to take in 39 of the illegals that were pictured in Gere’s publicity stunt, no other country in Europe has offered them asylum.

Disregarding Italy’s sovereignty, Gere suggested that Italian taxpayers shell out more money and allow migrants to enter their ports. Although Malta eventually agreed to take in 39 of the migrants pictured with Gere, no other European government has offered asylum. Additionally, Spain, the country in which the Open Arms boat is registered, refused to accept even one migrant.

Luckily for Italy, Salvini seems to be dedicated to preserving the country’s economy and culture, as he has blocked all vessels from bringing illegal immigrants into Italian waters. The prime minister has instead ordered them to return the illegals to wherever they have come from.

Due to his position on the issue, Salvini has quickly become the most popular politician in Italy, as the Italian people have grown overwhelmed by mass migration.

According to reporting from Tap Haps, “Knowing that they will be rescued and granted asylum, the migrants often sink their own dinghies in order to force ships to take them aboard and to Italy. This tactic has led to mass drowning and subsequently media outcry.”

Italy’s interior minister has joined Salvini in the fight against these leftists who are dedicated to smuggling illegals, vowing to seize the Open Arms ship, as it has played a major role in the illegal immigration problem in Italy and actively encourages illegals to make the deadly journey across the Mediterranean.

Taking it one step further, Salvini has openly blamed activists like Richard Gere, accusing them of emboldening human traffickers and criminal illegal immigrants.

While Hollywood elites and leftists are not yet facing the consequences of their actions, it is hopeful to see someone like Prime Minister Salvini in power who may perhaps make a difference somewhere.

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