Antifa Supporting Socialist ‘Journalist’ Receives EPIC Dose of KARMA

There are a few times in life when the beauty of karma shines down and presents itself so fully to us in all of its schadenfreude inspiring glory. This is a story about Steven Monacelli, a far-leftist writer who contributes to the Daily Beast amongst other heavily leaning publications. In October, Monacelli was served with a defamation lawsuit by the Dallas Express and their publisher. A known Antifa supporter (He was detained at this riot) and a self-professed socialist, Mr. Monacelli was recently fired from the Dallas Observer for writing a fake news story. But wait, it gets better: a woman has reportedly come forward according to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo and Katie Daviscourt, accusing him of making “an inappropriate sexualized statement to her.” Wow. When it rains, right?

Our tale, before it goes nine different directions of bad, started in February of 2021 when Mr. Monacelli wrote a piece regarding The Dallas Express’ publisher Montgomery Bennett in the Dallas Weekly. This “news article” (that’s lefty for opinion piece) accused Bennett of transforming a “traditionally black newspaper” into a “right-wing propaganda site,” according to The Post Millennial. He also went on to insinuate connections to other various alleged ‘fake news’ websites around the country. Mr. Bennett and The Daily Express have subsequently filed suit against Monacelli for printing libel.

In the lawsuit: Montgomery J Bennett and Dallas Express Media, LLC D/B/A The Dallas Express v.s. Steven Monacelli and The Dallas Weekly, the plaintiffs state,

“The Dallas Weekly published the false statements with actual malice because it made such statements with reckless disregard for whether they were false and specifically intended to substantially injure or harm plaintiffs,”

Karma Strikes Swiftly and Surely

If Monacelli’s recent Twitter history is any indication, he may be somewhat concerned regarding the upcoming suit in Henderson County, TX court, since the release of The Post Millennial’s expose on October 24th, the Antifa supporting socialist and self-described “#1 muckraker in TX” has been on a full-blown screen against Andy Ngo personally and professionally.

It really is something to see and hearkens back to Shakespear’s Macbeth, perhaps he truly ‘doth protest too much’. He has also lashed out harshly at Daniel Taylor, the president and founder of Keep Dallas Safe, who as a frequent target of Mr. Monacelli seemed unsurprised, telling reporters,

“He runs stories without having all the information. He’s always trying to play a gotcha game but the gotcha game finally got him.”

This enmity also spilled over to Taylor’s wife Amy Gibson after salacious reports of Monacelli making extremely explicit sexual remarks to Gibson while they were both attending a “social gathering on Oct. 7 at Lakewood Landing, a bar and grill in Dallas” regarding his alleged girlfriend whom in her Twitter bio claims to be “Anti-fascist • Anti-imperialist”. Those reports aside, the facts remain; a leftist writer who is known for publishing fake news, is very chummy with Antifa, and spends waaaaay too much time targeting Andy Ngo, is being sued for libel for accusing someone else of publishing fake news. Q.E.D.: Karma.



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