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Beauty Queen Dies in Crash After Posting Ominous Message…

The shocking death of 26-year-old Venezuelan beauty queen Ariana Viera has shocked the world.

On July 13, she tragically died in a horrific car crash in Florida due to fatigue and falling asleep behind the wheel.

Her mother Vivian Ochoa shared that her daughter was always caring and helping others, which may have been what led to her exhaustion.

Just two months before her death, Viera made an eerie video for her future funeral which has added to the tragedy of the situation.

Viera was driving in Lake Nona, Orlando when she fell asleep at the wheel and collided with a truck.

The official cause of this accident has not yet been reported but it is believed that fatigue may have played a major role in it.

In an interview with Telemundo31, Ochoa stated “My girl fell asleep. She was tired” and went on to explain that although they revived her, she stopped breathing again while on route to trauma care where it is believed she suffered a heart attack afterwards.

Before her untimely death, Viera worked as both a model and real estate agent whilst running Full House Cleaning Service according to her Instagram page.

She had also become very popular for championing others throughout her life – something which sadly may have contributed towards exhausting herself prior to the crash – as Ochoa mentioned “She would stop everything to help you or listen to you” adding “She helped too many people…she was always there for her friends, brothers, mother”.

Sadly however due to complications obtaining his humanitarian visa from Peru for travelling purposes, Viera’s father could not make it in time for his daughter’s funeral service either despite applying beforehand.

The tragic passing of such an inspiring young woman is heartbreaking given that just two months ago she had posted an eerie premonition regarding her own funeral on Instagram without even knowing how soon it would be coming true unfortunately.

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