Joe Biden Finally Admits to It

Biden Charged with THEFT… GOP Senator Drops Bombshell

Congress is filled with veterans on both sides of the aisle.

The difference between the two sides is that GOP veterans tend to stick up for our veterans, while Democrats only pretend to have their best interests at heart.

Case in point, Biden reportedly diverted funds from VA facilities to provide care for illegal immigrants.

Ernst Goes to Bat for Veterans

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) is a combat veteran who served in the Army and retired as a Lt. Colonel.

Ernst is now going after Biden for stealing resources from veterans to provide care for illegal immigrants.

Ernst stated, “President Biden’s border crisis is so out of control that his administration is willing to steal from our nation’s heroes and divert resources away from their care.

“This shouldn’t be up for debate: immigrants who have broken our laws should not receive priority over American veterans, period.

She went on to say that she will continue “demanding border security and standing up for those who defended our freedoms and way of life.”

I agree with Ernst, as we already know that our veterans are already not receiving the care and benefits they need, often resulting in veterans ending their lives at their own hand.

This mess was created by Biden, literally the day that he first took office.

We have seen more than seven million illegal encounters at the southern border since Biden took office, and you can tack on a few million gotaways to that total.

All told, we are approaching 10 million illegals in this country since Biden took office, which dwarfs the total of any previous modern-day administration.

Sadly, Biden has decided to use our taxpayer dollars to care for them, stealing assets badly needed by our veterans.

That alone should be reason enough for most people to vote for Trump in November.

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