Biden Education Sec. Makes Declaration Against CRUCIAL Proposal

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona declared that it would be amongst the “stupidest proposals” to arm teachers — and after that argued nonsensically that this was due to the notion that if a skilled instructor were to then take some time off, a weapon could not simply be handed off to the substitute.

Cardona joined the discussion on ABC’s midday talk show “The View,” where he fielded numerous questions about school security in the wake of the recent tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

“Secretary, you know, rather than regulate guns or of course, ban AR-15s, some Republicans have proposed arming teachers to stop these shootings,” regular cohost Sunny Hostin began. “My mother is a teacher. In Ohio, the governor is preparing to sign a bill that would lower the training requirements for a teacher to carry a gun in the classroom from 700 hours to 24 hours. In your view, do you support teachers carrying guns in the classroom?”



“Those are some of the stupidest proposals I’ve heard in all my time as an educator. So that’s my answer to that,” Cardona replied emphatically.

“Listen. We need to make sure we’re doing sensible legislation, making sure our schoolhouses are safe as much as possible,” he continued. “But to say that we’re going to arm teachers to protect students, what happens when a teacher goes out on maternity leave? Are we going to give the substitute of the day a gun?”

Cardona went on to argue that anybody who favored equipping educators with firearms was “clueless when it comes to what’s happening in our schools” and was revealing “further disrespect” to teachers– particularly after many had actually worked so difficult to make certain that kids were learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He likewise declared that any legislators who were suggesting arming educators were doing so to raise their own “nationwide profile” instead of out of any concern for kids’ security.

“It just shows further disrespect to a profession that has bent over backwards these last two years to protect students and give them an opportunity for an education,” he said. “I’m tired of hearing about the silly proposal that are doing more to lift up people’s national profile than protect children.”

Legislators in Ohio and Louisiana have actually proposed measures that would make it much easier for instructors to train and bring guns to school in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting.

H/T The Daily Wire

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