Secret Service

Biden Secret Service Agents GUNS OUT… SHOTS FIRED

Hold on… before you start going crazy, nobody tried to kill Joe.

What did happen, however, is pretty shocking.

A Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint while Joe Biden was hanging out with the rich and famous in Hollywood.

Stick ‘Em Up

Not long after Joe Biden arrived at the event, one of the agents that had been assigned to Joe Biden was starting down the barrel of a gun.

The agent was robbed at gunpoint, with the robber getting away with a bag of his goodies.

The agent reportedly did get a shot away, but it appears as though he did not hit anything.

Police now have a bulletin out for a 2004 to 2006 silver Infiniti FX35 SUV that was spotted leaving the scene.

After the report surfaced, the Secret Service stated, “A member of the U.S. Secret Service was the victim of an armed robbery in Tustin, California late Saturday when returning from a work assignment.

“The employee discharged their service weapon during the incident but unknown if the assailants were struck.

“We are thankful that the employee did not sustain any injuries.”

So, I cannot help but ask… if this agent could not protect himself from a thug street robber, how the heck is he supposed to protect a president against someone who is looking to hurt him?

These agents are supposed to be trained to observe everything and identify threats before they become threats, yet a common street thug got the drop on him.


I guess that is what happens when you start lowering standards in the name of being woke so people don’t get upset when they fail the test.

Just remember, this administration is doing the same thing for our military branches.

It makes you feel really safe, doesn’t it?

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