Biden’s Family Takes FULL Advantage of Him By…

Valerie Biden Owens, otherwise known as Joe Biden’s younger sister, has made plans to begin her book tour this week in Washington D.C. prior to the release of her memoir the following week.

Unfortunately for the White House, Valerie’s book tour could spell out disaster, given that her continuous crash on her brother’s political career strongly clashes with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s statement made back last January in regards to the White House’s ethics policy.

Psaki made the statement last January, “It’s the White House’s policy that the President’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities to suggest or in any way – in any way they could reasonably be understood to imply his endorsement or support.”

Fox News reported on the recent news:

Valerie Biden Owens, a longtime campaign adviser and political confidante to Biden, will be releasing her memoir titled, “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir” next Tuesday. The book includes a childhood photo of her, Joe Biden, their two brothers, and their mother on the book cover. Not only did Owens serve as Biden’s campaign manager for all seven of his successful Senate campaigns, but she also advised Biden during all three presidential campaigns and has played an integral role in his family’s life.

The upcoming book tour and expected media blitz of Owens’ memoir about growing up as a Biden comes a little over a year after the transition team’s lawyers told Vice President-elect Harris’s niece she could no longer produce clothing or write any new books with Harris’s name or likeness, the Los Angeles Times reported in early 2021.

Watch it here: CBS Morning News/Youtube

Yahoo News also spoke on the topic:

During Biden’s second presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008, Owens served as her brother’s national campaign chair. It does not appear that Biden’s campaign paid her directly, but the Democratic consulting firm Joe Slade White & Company, where Owens was serving as an “Executive Vice President,” raked in over $2.5 million from Biden’s presidential campaign and the “Citizens for Biden” committee between March 2007 and October 2008.

Owens’ daughter, Valerie J. Owens, who goes by “Missy,” also cashed in by working for her uncle’s presidential campaign, where she made tens of thousands of dollars.

It comes as no surprise that many other family members have greatly benefited from Joe Biden’s political position and career. Fox News shared that not only had Valerie and her daughter taken full advantage of Joe Biden’s position, but also her husband, Jack, who has known Joe Biden since their days back in law school at Syracuse.

Sources: Conservative Brief, Yahoo News, Fox News


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