BREAKING: GOP House Rep Stepping Down

Former House Republican Doug Collins has announced via Twitter that he will not seek the Governorship from disgraced Republican Brian Kemp or seek to oust Senator Raphael Warnock. Leaning into the inevitable puns, this leaves the field wide open for former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker, alleged to be a Trump favorite in the race to take the dominant position in either race. The question now is: does Hershel Walker want to be Senator or Governor?

CNN has reported that in the case of Warnock’s Senate seat “President Donald Trump’s backing of football great Herschel Walker to run for the Georgia Senate seat has been enough to effectively freeze the GOP field in place ”

Fmr. Congressman Collins wrote,

“For those who may wonder, this is goodbye for now, but probably not forever. I do plan on staying involved in shaping our conservative message to help Republicans win back the House and the Senate and help more strong conservative candidates get elected here in Georgia,” Collins said. “I believe that we, as conservatives, must be able to clearly communicate our values and I will help keep that fight going.”

Walker Has The Ball Since Collins Is Stepping Down

Walker has been very quiet as far as public announcments are concerned but has become increasingly vocal in past months on mulitple political fronts. According to News-press Now

“Trump publicly pushed Walker to run for the crucial Senate seat. But last week, Walker didn’t seem to be in any particular rush to announce.

“Right now, (I’m) just going through the process and thinking about it,” Walker told CNN. “Not really talking a lot about it.”

Many establishment Republicans are anxious about what the political outsider could bring to the race, then again, they said the exact same thing about President Trump in 2015 didn’t they? A quick look at Herschel’s Twitter doesn’t show an indecisive man, he’s in the pocket weighing his options. This is strategic.

Walker has been making waves, taking strong stands against the leftist footballs (I’m sorry I can’t stop) of Reparations and Voter ID. Walker told Twitter,

“I heard that Hershel Walker don’t want to give African American reparations. And you’re right, I don’t. Because I want to empower the African American community. What I mean by that: I want to help to give them jobs, I want to help to give them school choice. Because what they’re trying to do right now is point the finger somewhere. Well let me help, you out with something: HR40 is not about giving out anything to anybody, its a fact-finding mission. A fact finding mission that I don’t think can be done. And its wierd because the fact-finding mission is going to pay people to find out if reparations should be given to whom. Who’s black enough? Who’s descendents of slaves? Who is whatever, thats why the can’t do it. But they are gonna want to recieve a lot of money.

So this is one of those slip of hands, while they’re got you worried about whether Hershel Walker is going to give you reparations, they’re passing a bill to pay some group of their choosing to make a lot of money to do a fact finding mission to whether reparations should be given.”

Walker’s attention to HR 40, the Reparations bill spearheaded by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) would suggest his attention is focused on Congress and a possible Senate run to unseat Sen. Warnock. As valuable as he could be as Governor of Georgia, the strongest move strategically is to move Walker into the Senate and deprive the Democrats of that House of Congress.


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