Breaking: Shocking New IDF Footage Revealed

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have recently revealed shocking new footage which provides a prime example of the heinous tactics that the Hamas terrorists are willing to utilize to launch their attacks on innocent civilians. IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari has vowed to expose these cruel practices and the truth about what really happens within the tunnel systems leading to hospitals being used as bases for operations by Hamas.

Hagari took reporters into a tunnel system located near a senior terrorist’s home which was just 200 yards away from a hospital. He showed them electrical wires running down 20 meters into an explosive-proof door that led to the Rantisi hospital, and then into the basement where evidence was found of Hamas operations taking place there.

Amongst this evidence were hand grenades, vests packed with explosives, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), and even motorcycles which had been used in previous attacks against Israel.

There were other signs of terror activities found in the basement such as a chair with women’s clothing and rope next to its legs, indicating that it could have been used for hostage purposes. There were also signs of makeshift living quarters including diapers, an improvised ventilation system, toilets, showers and even a small kitchen area complete with curtains covering up cinder block walls – all indicators that people had been held captive here before.

Furthermore, there was also a list written in Arabic which appeared to be associated with some kind of operation against Israel – further proof that what Hagari suspected was true all along – this hospital was being utilized as a base for Hamas’ operations against Israel.

This release couldn’t come at more opportune time either; just weeks ago another IDF spokesperson Lt. Col Peter Lerner blasted mainstream media outlets who ran stories saying that Israel had shot missiles at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital when it reality it was determined later on that Hamas had fired them instead.

It goes without saying that lies like this discredit any claims made by Hamas for direct hits on civilian facilities and confirms Israelis suspicions that they’ve been using civilians as shields while wearing civilian attire during their raids too.

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