Conservative Students VIOLENTLY ATTACKED by Antifa Terrorists

For the second time in only a week and on opposite sides of the country, another conservative speaking event at a major University was shut down by police officers and university administrators who rather than cracking down on the violent rioters and “protesters” instead chose to stifle freedom of speech. Early this week, a comedy event at Penn State headlined by Alex Stein was shutdown and just yesterday it was a Turning Point USA event with Stephen Davis who is “an African-American gentleman who does not believe in systemic racism.”

To see the flyers and social media posts from the radical leftists at UC Davis you would think that the anti-Christ was scheduled. With the midterm election quite literally around the corner, a WEEK from tomorrow, the suppression of conservative thought, not merely online by big tech but in person, on campuses and in REALTIME is absolutely chilling.

According to TheBlaze, “In advance of the event featuring a black conservative speaker, flyers were distributed on campus accusing TPUSA of being ‘racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-immigrant’ and of celebrating violence. The flyers also defamed Kyle Rittenhouse, who spoke at a TPUSA event, as a ‘racist murder [sic].'”

The flyers The Blaze referenced called on “anyone who opposes racism and bigotry to stand together and make it known that TPUSA is not welcome on our campus.”

The Universities, while ostensibly agreeing to host the events and providing statements of soaring oratory about the sacrosanctity of “freedom of speech” are then cynically stripping that freedom away when they utterly refuse to enforce the lawful order that is necessary for that speech to exist.

They act as if to say, ‘Sure you can talk, but we’re not going to stop those rioters from crashing your event, assaulting attendees and damaging property.’ And then when the inevitable happens they count on the organizers of the event to bow to the need for “public safety” and cancel the event, otherwise, they’ll have no choice but to do so.

At the end of the day the result is the same: the leftist radical, riotous hordes go unpunished which only makes them more brazen and emboldened, and the freedom of speech and political expression dies a little more.

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