Democrat Special Treatment Scandal Exposed

The corrupt Cuomo clan’s hypocritical misconduct and history of scandal knows no boundaries. The special treatment of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s little brother has been exposed. According to various sources, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his family recieved multiple visits from the New York State Deparment of Health’s physician after being diagnosed with the coronavirus last year.

“A top state physician whose pandemic portfolio involved coordinating testing in nursing homes was dispatched multiple times to the Hamptons home of CNN host Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, in testing visits that sometimes stretched hours,” the Washington Post reported.

A Trail of COVID Corruption and Scandal Exposed

New York State Troopers apparently rushed COVID19 testing samples from the Cuomo family to and from the laboratories and their tests were pushed to the front of the line, recieving results in a matter of hours or days instead of up to a week for your average normie.

The Times Union reported that the Cuomo’s weren’t the only priorities, that honor extended out to the Democrat power-elite of New York. “Others who were given priority testing include Rick Cotton, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and his wife, as well as Patrick J. Foye, head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Members of the media, state legislators and their staff also were tested in similar fashion, although there is no indication those tests were done by high-level health department officials.”

State officials have tried to clothe the reports of preferential treatment as being motivated by contact-tracing and not power-politics, but the facts belie that. At a time when the testing was hard to come by and took sometimes weeks Chris Cuomo of CNN a nobody by New York standards with no relevancy to contact tracing within the New York power structure, had his answer in a day or less. Members of the Cuomo family and inner cirlce were referred to as “critical samples” and given top priority.

Virtue Signaling to The World

Unironically, Gov. Cuomo pointed to his brother’s positive diagnosis in a quote about how non-discerning the virus is… “Everyone is subject to this virus. It is the great equalizer,” Andrew Cuomo said. “I don’t care how smart and how rich, how powerful you think you are. I don’t care how young, how old this virus is. The great equalizer. My brother Chris is positive for coronavirus. Found out this morning.” Ah, but not everybody is as equal are they Gov. Cuomo, as Democrats have proven for over a century: In spite of all their talk of “equality” and “equity” for over a century… they still make some people more “Equal” than others. And of course: Chris milked it to his audience for all it was worth.

When you read this alongside Gov. Cuomo’s evil, shameful treatment of New York’s senior citizens who he consigned to death by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID positive patients any pretense falls away and reveals a dangerously evil and corrupt family with a stranglehold on the Empire State.



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