Democrats ATTACK Republican Opponent

Ohio Democrats attacked Republican Senate prospect J.D. Vance’s journey to Israel, where he promised to be a strong proponent for the Jewish state.

Vance’s Wednesday address at a celebration in Tel Aviv was actually met with ridicule from Vance’s Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan. Ryan’s communications director Izzi Toll falsely said that Vance campaigned in Israel just before keeping an event in Ohio. Michael Beyer, the communications director for the Ohio Democratic Event, mentioned Vance would rather remain in Israel than in his own state.

Each opinion represents the anti-Semitic ideology that Conservative American political leaders are more loyal to Israel than to the USA, and highlights how the Jewish state’s safety has transformed into a partisan concern. While Ryan recently stated he supports Israel’s right to protect itself, his voting record may contradict that. In 2021 he voted against the backing for the Iron Dome and also supported the Obama administration’s  Iran deal.

In Israel, Vance promised to become “as solid a supporter for the U.S.-Israel relationship as any individual.” He called the Iran Deal “a catastrophe” as well as commended President Donald Trump’s choice to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Brad Kastan, leader of JewishColumbus’s Community Relations Council, pointed out Democrats “should strongly encourage, not discourage, our leaders to visit the Jewish state.”

​​”Israel is our strongest and most important ally in the Middle East. All Americans and particularly the citizens of Ohio benefit from the strong strategic and economic ties, not to mention shared values, we enjoy with Israel,” Kastan said. “Ohio Democrats, or anyone who appreciates the role our U.S. senators must play in foreign policy, should strongly encourage, not discourage, our leaders to visit the Jewish state.”

Ryan also visited Israel in 2016 during the time of his House reelection campaign. Democrats are known for pointing figures over things they themselves do.

The attacks from Ryan’s own campaign and his allies come as the race between the longtime House member and Vance heats up. Vance, with an endorsement from former President Trump, won May’s Republican primary and is favored to win in November given the current political climate.



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