Dems Just Voted to Strip you Of Your Rights as a US Citizen

On Thursday, while everyone was distracted by different chaos in Congress, Democrats in the Senate managed to stomp all over your Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Republicans stood shoulder-to-shoulder in unified defiance but couldn’t convince ten DINOs to back them up on this one. Friday’s focus remains on alleged Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and her blank poker face stare into the eyes of Joe Biden on the Democrat only “everything plus two kitchen sinks” $3.5 trillion spending spree.

Rights? Those were debunked

Americans only think they have rights. Democrats are snickering to themselves about how they squashed Republican efforts in the Senate like a bug. On Thursday, September 30, conservatives in the upper chamber tried their best to tack an amendment on to the bill for “a stop-gap government funding measure.”

They were trying to block the heavy handed palace mandate His Wisdom handed down. The one that requires “businesses with 100 or more workers” to require all of them to have a shot.


The Senate splits 50-50 by party with Kamala Harris deciding any tie for the Democrats but this one needed 60 votes to go through. Not a single Democrat was willing to be reasonable on this issue of basic human rights.

That’s usually a liberal hot button but not this time. Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas gets a pat on the back for offering the measure. His plan was to “block the use of federal funds for vaccine mandates.”

Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. handed down the Palace Declaration in September ordering the Ministry of Labor to put forward his unconstitutional mandate.

If the vaccine worked as well as Democrats insist, why are they so terrified of getting infected? Something doesn’t add up. Unless, that is, the real reason is nothing but a Deep State power grab meant to sidestep the rights our founding fathers gave us.

A personal choice

Sure, Republicans agree, the “vaccine has saved lives,” but taking it should be a “personal choice.” You would think liberals would be this opposed to abortion but they don’t have a problem making a “personal choice” to murder a defenseless and fully aware baby.

Rights only seem to go one way for Democrats. “Simply put, we must not allow the Administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on private companies to go forward,” Marshall added. It will.

All Democrats can do is point to the number of deaths. They don’t want to admit a whole lot of them were fully vaccinated. They also don’t want to admit that there are folks in the same cemetery who died from getting the shot, not from catching covid. Those talking points don’t fit the narrative.

What they consider a “tool” to “get people safely through this crisis,” Republicans see as an abuse of constitutional rights to personal freedom.

“Forcing main street to vax or pay a fine will not only crush an economy he’s put on life support—it’s flat-out un-American,” Kevin McCarthy vented on social media. “To Joe Biden, force is more important than freedom. Americans won’t stand for it.”

Along with hijacking American rights, the experts have admitted we are already up to a 77 percent compliance rate nationwide. Britain considered 67 percent good enough that they don’t need to have heavy handed mask mandates indoors. Still, it’s not good enough for Democrats. They want you to have the shot even if it kills you. Refuse and face the consequences.

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