DNA Code Breaker: A Look into the Future

We can all remember the 80’s comedy Twins where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito played twins. The movie was based on the idea of developing a perfect human specimen by splicing the DNA of multiple men and inserting that DNA into a fertilized egg.

Schwarzenegger came out as the genetically perfect creation, DeVitto the side effect. The movie is a hilarious romp of self-discovery and overcoming one’s supposed purpose at birth. But what if it wasn’t a movie, especially a comedic one?

The Future of DNA

Futurist Amy Webb recently sat down to do a wide-ranging interview with the Washington Post. In the interview, she predicted that the science of procreation is on the brink of significantly changing the way we have babies. 

“What we’re talking about here is a technology that unlocks our ability to be more selective and to intentionally design life,” Webb said, discussing her new book “The Genesis Machine,” which she has co-written with geneticist Andrew Hessel. “Maybe that means one person using their own genetic material to bring an embryo to term; maybe it unlocks opportunities to select traits from more than two parents.”

Webb admits that scientists and futurists, like herself, don’t know the full applications for gene-editing technology like CRISPR and others that are sure to follow. However, she believes the “possibilities” and “optionality” that could be afforded by those who decide to have children could be significant and a net good.

Critics of such genetic experimentation have raised the concern that this technology can be abused by society, politicians, and world leaders. Webb however, dismissed those concerns. She quipped to WaPo that “all roads on this path lead to eugenics,” bringing up the 1997 sci-fi flick Gattaca.

The thought of making pregnancy easier for people who really want to become parents is something we should be embracing,” she told WaPo. “Right now, creating a child relies on chance and serendipity, or enough money for a lot of [in-vitro fertilization] cycles. It’s shockingly difficult in the year 2022 to make a baby. It shouldn’t be that way.”

What Does This All Mean?

The ideology of eugenics is not new. Margaret Sanger in the early 1900s was a eugenics cult follower that birthed Planned Parenthood from its teachings. The idea is that “unfit” genetics should not be passed on. In the past, this included someone’s financial status and skin color.

In the current world, we are seeing this play out in real-time as many countries have irradicated their Downs Syndrome population with the work of genetic testing and abortion: Genetic testing that, recently, has been exposed to being 90% wrong most of the time.

When the world is heading to the fascist dream of one world order these types of scientific “innovation” will become more prevalent. A perfect society must have perfect workers to keep the elites comfortable.

The ideal of perfection, of bodies that come out the way we want them; no sickness, deformities, or special needs. It is tempting. But what we must understand is it is impossible on this side of heaven. Our world is corrupted by diseases and death, whether it comes from a quick heart attack or the slow decay of age it doesn’t matter because it will always be there. We cannot make perfect our bodies for immortality.

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