Fishermen Make a Startling Catch, Then the Bomb Squad Was Called In

When these two fishermen set out for the day to have a memorable outing, I think this is the last thing they expected to have happen. But, this incident certainly is one for the books and a story they’ll be telling for quite a while.

Bob and his friend, the creators of the @MagnetFishingEdinburgh TikTok account, had an extraordinary fishing experience early October while they were on the Union Canal in Linlithgow, Scotland looking for treasure in the riverbed when they stumbled across a potentially dangerous item.

What did these intrepid adventurers find? An un exploded grenade.

After having no luck at their first spot, Bob and his friend decided to move down the bridge to another location. It was here that nerves started kicking in as they spotted a grenade resting near the riverbank. Immediately understanding the potential danger of their find, Bob took action by warning any people walking nearby to take an alternate route just in case anything happened with the device.

The pair then contacted authorities who sent out a bomb squad to properly dispose of it. Unfortunately, this meant that their magnet would also have to be destroyed – talk about bad luck.

Though Bob and his friend could not keep the magnetically attracted grenade for themselves, there was still some good news delivered by police officers after reviewing the situation – they had saved the town.

This isn’t the first time such an explosive discovery has been made during magnet fishing outings either – there’s even been one reported in Florida last year. In 2019, a man found an authentic WWII hand grenade while magnet fishing in Ocklawaha, FL and instead of disposing of it safely he put it in his car trunk before driving off…to Taco Bell.

Thankfully he ended up calling 911 and authorities were able to remove and properly dispose of it without incident at least.

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