Marilyn Monroe

Frank Sinatra’s Close Friend Drops Marilyn Monroe Bombshell

Decades after the events, enough people are gone who could have gotten splattered by the truth that some of the aging insiders are willing to tell the tale. Things like Marilyn Monroe didn’t seem to mind being passed from brother-to-brother by the Kennedy boys. At least, that’s what the bombshell dropped by a “longtime friend of Frank Sinatra” blasted into the open.

Marilyn didn’t mind much

Tony Oppedisano, described as a “longtime friend of Frank Sinatra” knows all the juicy details and decided to share them. Details including that when “things phased out with Jack, Marilyn picked up with Bobby.”

It wasn’t the same though. He doesn’t think “it lasted anywhere near as long or was as deep.” That kind of sounds like an insult to Bobby’s anatomy. Things got a little tricky between Norma Jean, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Marilyn had nothing against Jackie, she was just in love with her husband. She never demanded much, always content with whatever crumbs of affection JFK threw her.


“She was enamored of him,” Oppedisano explains, adding “obviously” they were “intimate.” Both John Kennedy and Monroe were close friends of Ole Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Before she died in 1962, allegedly of an overdose, Marilyn Monroe’s “affairs with the Kennedy brothers” were headline grabbing news back in the day.

The books and interviews have been coming out for decades, long after all three were gone. “It was obviously a sexual thing, and I would expect that there were feelings on her side,” but not ones she would cause a scandal over.

It was obvious

According to Oppedisano “Just taking a look at the footage of her singing her ‘Happy Birthday,’ that speaks for itself.” The famous scene was recorded in May of 1962. It’s “not like she was in love with” the president but instead “looked up to him.”

They had one of those close friends with benefits kind of relationships. Marilyn “respected him, she admired him. She loved what he was doing with the country.” And she especially loved what he was doing with her. Oppedisano notes, “she found him attractive and vice versa.”

One time, Oppedisano recalls on a ride with Sinatra in California, the singer pointed out a bungalow where Marilyn and JFK liked to play “slap and tickle.” Everybody knew about the open secret but JFK tried to maintain appearances. Let’s face it, he “was the president of the United States, and he was a married man and a father.”


Monroe was easy and wild but there was “only so far that even she would go.” The line she drew was Jackie. “She wasn’t about to break up [the president’s] marriage o she wouldn’t let it go that far, even if she felt that deeply.”

Frank Sinatra commented he wished he had her morals. “Frank did say she had a sense of ethics and morals as well that she tried her best to live up to.” At the time, then Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

By the time JFK started to tire of her, she had moved over to Bobby but “it was pretty clear that Marilyn had had sexual relations with both Bobby and Jack,” according to biographer Jason Spada. Bobby wanted to “impress on [Monroe] that he was as important as his brother,” and he would “tell her things that he shouldn’t have told her, sensitive information.” In her final days, Bobby felt “she was unraveling.” Then again, she may have been “unraveled.”

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