Full Forensic Audit Initiated in PA

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano (R), a figure well known to America-First Republicans for his dedication to election integrity has announced that a full forensic investigation will be initiated in Pennsylvania not only of the 2020 General Election but provocatively of the 2021 Primary Election.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Mastriano “says he has a majority on his committee who will vote to issue subpoenas to audit elections in Philadelphia, and two other counties. The audit will be similar to the Maricopa County forensic audit. Other Pennsylvania counties could also be audited.”

Senator Mastriano as Chair of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee penned an Op-Ed explaining the necessity of his decision to initiate the Pennsylvania investigation and his authority to do so.

In the Op-Ed, he wrote,

 “I issued letters to several counties requesting information and materials needed to conduct a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary.

We have asked these counties to respond by July 31st with a plan to comply. The counties represent different geographical regions of Pennsylvania and differing political makeups. Some are Republican while others are Democrat, which means that this will be a balanced investigation.

The Intergovernmental Operations Committee is a standing committee of the Pennsylvania State Senate with oversight and investigatory responsibilities regarding activities relating to or conducted between two or more governments or levels of government, including the administration of elections across the Commonwealth. As set forth in Pennsylvania Senate Rule 14 (d), each standing committee is empowered with the authority to inspect and investigate the books, records, papers, documents, data, operation, and physical plant of any public agency in this Commonwealth, including county boards of elections.

This is necessary as millions of Pennsylvanians have serious doubts about the accuracy of the 2020 General Election. A January poll from Muhlenberg University showed that 40% of Pennsylvania voters are not confident that the results of the 2020 Election accurately reflected how Pennsylvanians voted. Discounting or mocking their concerns is neither an answer nor proper in this constitutional republic.”

Mastriano Makes A Bullet-proof Case For Forensic Investigation

Mastriano then laid out the case for an investigation in a stunning, irrefutable fashion, and any objective person regardless of party affiliation must concede that he is correct in ordering the audit. He writes,

“The case for a forensic investigation of the 2020 general election is evident to any unbiased observer.

  • This was the first election in Pennsylvania with “mass” mail-in voting.
    •   In 2020, there were 2.7 million ballots cast by mail and absentee compared to about 263,000 absentee ballots cast in 2016.
    • Many of these ballots were counted at offsite locations with little outside observation or oversight. Furthermore, mail ballots without signature verification were permitted to be counted across the Commonwealth.  And, of course, all of this transpired in the midst of Covid-19 where uncertainty and fear impacted the conduct of the election.
  • Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the election, the Department of State repeatedly altered the manner in which Pennsylvania’s election was conducted.
    • Those who voted in person were held to a higher standard than those who mailed in their ballots.
    • Signatures required for mail-in ballots were rendered meaningless as the PA Supreme Court ruled that ballots could not be rejected based on an analysis of the voter’s signature.

On September 17th, the PA Supreme Court ruled that counties had to count ballots received up to three days after Election Day. A week before the election, the Department of State told the U.S. Supreme Court that ballots received after 8 p.m. on November 3rd would be segregated.  But the department changed the rules two days before the election and directed counties to canvass those ballots upon receipt. The U.S. Supreme Court had to step in and order the counties to segregate the ballots.

  • Just hours before the polls opened on November 3, the department changed the rules again by providing late guidance on how to help voters whose mail-in or absentee ballots were incorrectly completed.
    • The “guidance” resulted in inconsistent application across the Commonwealth. Some counties contacted voters as directed while others did not.
    • There was no basis for that guidance in current or case law.

It would defy logic to assume that an election with the kinds of drastic changes we saw in 2020 was run perfectly with zero errors or fraud.”

President Trump also pointed out this blatantly unconstitutional move in his December post-election speech:

“In Pennsylvania, the secretary of state and the state supreme court in essence abolished signature verification requirements just weeks prior to the election, in violation of state law. You’re not allowed to do that. It has to be approved by the legislature. A judge can’t do it. A state can’t do it. An official can’t do it. The only one that can do it is the legislature.”

Due to the suspicious dismissal of multiple court cases on procedural grounds, the constitutionality of this move has not yet been adjudicated by any court.

Democrats and Media Already On The Attack

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro, ( the same AG who allowed Pennsylvania to unconstitutionally change the electoral process.) has vowed on MSNBC to “prevent a 2020 election audit through the Pennsylvania state courts”, he said last month

“If they try to bring that sham audit here to Pennsylvania (referring to the Arizona Audit) we’ll be prepared and we’ll fight back.”

MSNBC’s Resident Neo-Con RINO Nicolle Wallace completely unphased by any notion of integrity echoed Shapiro’s sentiment calling the audit in Arizona “The sham audit” adding “With the audit certain to face opposition from Democrats in the state as well as legal challenges, the effort in Pennsylvania shows the GOP’s continued efforts to peddle the disgraced ex-President’s ‘Big Lie’ at what ever cost.”

If these early reactions are any indication, the leftist media propaganda machine is already in the full-spin mode to defame, disparage and discredit ALL investigations into the 2020 Election. It’s’ almost as if they’re afraid of what might come out.

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