Garland Impeachment Moving Fast Around the Beltway

Impeachment proceedings for Merrick Garland are on a Formula One style fast track around the Washington beltway. At least that’s what Jim Jordan is saying. It was the testimony by IRS whistleblowers that broke it loose.

Impeach Garland now

Half of America is calling for the head of Merrick Garland on a plate and not all of them mean that symbolically. What Congress is willing to deliver is impeachment and that idea is already sold in the House.

Over in the marginally Democrat controlled Senate, the centrists are afraid enough of their constituents to actually do the right thing and convict, rather than face the wrath of voters at home. Even the Democrat ones are beginning to realize that things aren’t as fair as they should be. That’s a major accomplishment for progressives.

Some votes on the Senate floor are more important then party unity, even to Democrats. Getting rid of Merrick Garland is one of them. Keep your eye on “centrist” DINOs in the Senate. Ones like Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema. She bravely came out of the closet and changed her affiliation to Independent. While she still has lunch with the Democrats, she’s displayed an unusual willingness to actually listen to the conservatives in her state.

She’s well aware that they’re the ones who gave her a chance to prove herself and has already been tested in political battle. If Republicans can put on a convincing case, they’ll have her vote in the end. There are others on the blue team who can similarly be counted on at the moment of truth.

When Jim Jordan popped into Fox News on Sunday, July 23, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee announced that the entire House is “moving in the direction of impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland at a pretty quick pace.

Kevin McCarthy shocked Democrats and RINO Republicans silly by actually backing up the suggestion. After what we heard from the IRS whistleblowers, there isn’t any other choice.

Up to the whole House

Fox host Maria Baritomo asked Jordan if he would impeach Garland based on his takeaways from the whistleblower hearing. What IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler had to testify about was shocking. Their hands were tied and they couldn’t investigate any of the things they knew they should have.

Their bosses promised serious federal felonies would be prosecuted and instead, Hunter got misdemeanors. Every time we turn around we learn about more shady connections. The Biden family mole, “One Eye” is linked to an assistant prosecutor and David Weiss’ father was a crooked IRS agent who was imprisoned for taking bribes.

While Jordan would be bringing the the impeachment of Garland to a vote in like ten minutes, the decision isn’t up to him. As he explained to Maria and her viewers, “it is up to the full conference of the House GOP.” They’re the ones in majority so the opinions of Democrats don’t even matter.

Jordan is really happy that Kevin McCarthy is already on board. “I will tell you this,” Jordan insists, “the speaker has been very clear, Speaker McCarthy has said if we have to go to an impeachment inquiry, we will, in fact, do that.

The Senate is equally fired up. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley got the ball rolling by releasing to the public the actual FD-1023 form which started a whole bunch of Congressional controversy. It backs up the whistleblowers and makes Merrick Garland look like a traitor to his country. He swears up and down that he wasn’t involved in the decision not to charge Hunter Biden with anything.

He let Weiss do what he wanted knowing full well that Weiss didn’t want to do anything. That’s what happened. The alleged Attorney General can’t skate away from it that easy. He should have at least been involved enough in the case to insure it would be a fair and honest investigation, which it clearly wasn’t. That’s his responsibility and he can’t shake it.

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