GROOMER ALERT: Math Teacher Caught on Video Doing Disgusting Act in Front of Children

Ever wonder what is being taught to your children while they are at school during the day? Well, the students in this particular classroom were being instructed on how to apply a condom with their mouth instead of what they should’ve been learning: math.

A video posted online, which has since gone viral, shows a teacher demonstrating to her entire class how to put on a condom using just her mouth. Within the video, you see the teacher having what appears to be a student, who seems visibly uncomfortable, holding a dildo up for display as the teacher gives students a face-to-face lesson on condom application. Students in the background can be heard laughing in response to what can only be assumed their initial shock to the situation.

Reactions to the video on Twitter have been somewhat mixed, with some individuals expressing disgust and concern for what their children are being taught in school behind their backs while others seemed to not have an issue with the wildly inappropriate lesson.

Some users quickly addressed or questioned what country in which the video took place:

Meanwhile, other users offered their thoughts in a way to defend and de-criminalize the teacher, given that some reactions were less than favorable:

While we cannot necessarily identify the origins of the video in terms of country or the background context of the incredibly graphic lesson, one thing is for sure: this isn’t something that was taught to us back during our days in health or sex education class.

Sure, perhaps the teacher had the intention of making sure her students were practicing safe sex, however with that being said, how far is TOO far nowadays in classrooms? Now not only should we be concerned about woke culture being put into practice in the school system, X-rated material may also come into play. And what effect or impact might this have on students?

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