Here’s a Brilliant Way to Scare Telemarketers….

I think we can all agree that telemarketing calls are the absolute worst thing to deal with, especially today.

Scammers are finding more and more ways to get a hold of you despite your best efforts to stop them.

Many people suspect that unknown numbers are potential spam calls and would be correct.

No matter how many times a person falls into this trap, the calls are nonstop and telemarketers are patient enough to continue calling over and over until someone answers the phone.

Thankfully, though, some people have found a way to make the best of the situation.

One man, Donald Sizemore, has come up with a brilliant way to end calls from telemarketers. And all he has to do is talk on a call for a few minutes until the telemarketer hangs up on him.

Apparently the technique works wonders for Sizemore, although it may not be easy enough for everyone to replicate.

One day when a telemarketer ended up calling the couple, Donald’s wife Gayle picked up the phone and had the call on speakerphone.

The telemarketer asked to speak to Donald and right away he knew it a spam call, so he decided to talk to the person in his best Donald Duck voice.

Only a few minutes in and the telemarketer ended up hanging up the call themselves.

The video can be seen below:



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