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Heroes Of Ukraine: A Testimony to True Courage

As the war continues to wage in Ukraine viral stories such as the Ukrainian Reaper, or the fallen Ukrainians on Snake Island have been proven false. However, that does not negate the true courage being exemplified by many in this conflict. Heroes come in many shapes and sizes.

True Courage Doesn’t Need to be Wrapped in Sensationalism

Whatever the Ukrainian politics are, whether the Mayor of Kyiv or the President of Ukraine were good or bad political leaders their willingness to fight and face the threat with their people speaks volumes.

President Zelinsky of Ukraine was a television actor and comedian. He has proven that leadership doesn’t have to come from a lifetime politician. When given the choice to abandon his people and save himself he made his position clear:

“The Fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.”

The people have rallied behind such leadership. It is not just the Ukrainian Military that fights for the sovereignty of Ukraine against Russian aggression. Average citizens are standing up to play their part as well.

As bombs go off overhead, and the Russian military turns its attack on civilian homes and living areas, the people rise to the occasion. Many stand in line ready to be armed so they may defend their communities, while others stand firm in their convictions using their bodies as an obstacle for Russian Tanks.

Whole communities have come to stand blocking the roadways for Russian military vehicles. They stand not knowing if what they do will be the last stand they make as Russian Tanks have been known to turn on the people. In one case running over an elderly civilian’s car.

Heroism is not just for the Ukrainian People

When Putin is your leader, a man who has killed and imprisoned his political adversaries, it could be a daunting task for any citizen to stand up. Yet, thousands of Russians have done just that.

Reports are now indicating that over two thousand Russian citizens have been arrested in their protest against the war. More protests are still rising across the nation. Their punishment will be swift under Putin’s regime and yet they rise.

In other countries, the illustration of courage, the truth of heroism is simple as polish, Romanian, and other citizens line their borders in the hopes of helping the Ukrainian women and children who now are refugees. These citizens are stepping up and giving them rides, a place to stay, and hope.

Whatever happens next only God knows, but the true pictures of courage coming from Ukraine, and elsewhere, shine’s a light on what is true heroism. It is the average man or woman willing to stand for truth, and what is right, no matter the consequences, even if they stand alone.

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