Hunter Biden Is Now One Step Closer to Punishment…

During this past Tuesday, in the midst of a House cybersecurity meeting, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) keyed in a copy of the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s once abandoned laptop into the Congressional record.

The Florida Republican chose to put this plan into action during the middle of a hearing on oversight of the FBI’s Cyber Division following the director, Bryan Vorndran, denying that he didn’t “have any information about the Hunter Biden laptop,” which had been seized by the bureau from a Delaware repair shop where it had been abandoned back in December of 2019.

While the leftist liberal media is quick to overhype every story they can come up with about Trump, this is something they seem to be silent about.

Gaetz celebrated his achievement by sharing a video of the moment on his Twitter account.

He tweeted, “Moments ago, I successfully entered the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop into the Congressional Record. SUBPOENA HUNTER BIDEN!” 

It’s very obvious that this is a momentous occasion due to the implications…not only can we now confirm that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real and was discovered, but now it has successfully been entered into the official Congressional Record.

WLT revealed additional surprising pieces of evidence:

As one post on Telegram put it:

From the post via WLT:

For those unaware of the implications of the laptop being presented to Congress today …

This now means the contents of that laptop are on *Congressional Record*. Legally. It isn’t conjecture. It isn’t rumor. It isn’t a “conspiracy theory”.

The laptop is a reality, and it is now on Congressional Record.


“How do you legally inject/make public/use as evidence?”.

WLT made another notable comment that  even as the FBI’s Cyber Chief tried to claim he couldn’t find the laptop (story below), Matt Gaetz had it all along and then he pulled it outright on the floor of Congress after the CYBER CHIEF said he couldn’t locate it.

It was quite literally a Perry Mason moment. One could believe this to be the turning point in our country and therefore, noteworthy in history.

The actual video clip can be found below.

From Matt Gaetz’s official Rumble channel, watch it here: Rumble/Video

And TheStormHasArrived offers us a wonderful summary of the situation and where this puts us:

Imagine this.

An American politician says he has evidence that the President and his son might be compromised by foreign adversaries. Said politician attempts to submit the evidence for further investigation into Congress.

Unbelievably, the Democrat Party rejects the evidence. For what reason? They can’t give a reason.

That actually happened for all of America to see. Good news, it’s all on record.

Read more of this commentary piece here: WLT

Source: WLT


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