Investigation Into Who Leaked Republican’s Location

A major airline is mounting an investigation of how a prominent Republican Senator’s exact location and flight plans were leaked online. This massive security breach could have endangered the lives of the Senator, their family and everyone else on that flight. And all of it was a ploy to smear Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and likely distract the masses from the ongoing investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s culpability in the deaths of 15,000 seniors in nursing homes due to his negligent COVID19 policies.

The Data Breach Under Investigation

According to Newsweek,

“Cruz faced widespread criticism for traveling to the Mexican beach spot while millions of his constituents in his home state went without power, water or heat amid severe winter storms. A few Texans have also died from weather-related causes during the storms.”

The precise breach of security occurred when an unknown source within United Airlines provided the screenshot below to Kyle Potter Editor of ThriftyTraveler, who promptly published the material on Twitter.

Potter’s publication of the Senator’s travel plans while he was in transit caused Houston Police to reassign personnel in expectation of a media circus at the airport.

The Daily Wire reported,

“A United Airlines employee, though, accessed Cruz’s data and discovered that the Texas Senator had switched his flight, rebooking for Thursday from a Saturday return, in stark contrast to the Senator’s public statement. The employee then, it seems, revealed the discrepancy to a reporter.

“Spoke to a source at United Airlines, Senator Ted Cruz rebooked his flight back to Houston from Cancun for this afternoon at around 6 a.m. today (Thursday). He was originally scheduled to return on Saturday,” airlines reporter Edward Russell noted on Twitter.

That information is supposed to be confidential according to United Airlines company policy, and it is against company policy to leak it or make it public in any way.”

Baseless Criticism for Cruz

The blowback against Senator Cruz was pretty immediate and somewhat baffling. Its’ clear that this was emotionally driven as Texans were definitely hurting but it begs the question: What did they expect him to do? Write a new law about it? Advocate for an emergency declaration for Texas? Cruz is a convenient scapegoat for people to target rather than searching out their local Texas legislators and speaking with the Governor of the snow beleaguered state.

Cruz said in a statement Thursday,

“With school canceled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them,” Cruz said. “My staff and I are in constant communication with state and local leaders to get to the bottom of what happened in Texas,” he added.

Thursday ,Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said that he had requested a major disaster declaration from the federal government. The declaration would allow those harmed by the storms to apply for federal funds to compensate any losses not covered by insurance.

Most disturbingly, while the nation collectively lost their minds at Cruz over an ill-time trip to Cancun, the mainstream media was working feverishly to pump up that story and completely ignore the bombshell developments in the case against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the developing investigation surrounding his office and the 15,000 avoidable deaths of senior citizens in nursing homes.

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