Iowa Governor Goes a Step Further Following Aggressive Move

Iowa is going big or going home as they like to say in Texas. The Hawkeye State’s Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds has proven pretty crafty as she is using funds from a COVID-19 relief package to finance a deployment of her state’s National Guard to the southern border.

Iowa has sent 109 of its National Guardsmen to Texas to bolster the Lone Star State’s efforts to combat rising illegal migration and human trafficking across the Mexican borderlands.

“All costs will be covered by federal funding allocated to Iowa from the American Rescue Plan. States are given flexibility in how this funding can be used provided it supports the provision of government services,” Reynolds’ office stated in a press release.

The Iowa Nationa Guardsman will remain at the border until Sept. 1, 2023. Their task will be “deterring illegal border crossings and preventing the trafficking of illegal substances by cartels through Texas.”

The Hawkeye State’s National Guard has been deployed to the southern border twice since 2020. It is, however, this particular deployment will be the first to support a state mission, in this case, Texas’s Operation Lone Star.

“On his first day in office, President Biden reversed commonsense policies that protected the U.S. Southern border and American citizens,” Reynolds said. “Since that time, our country has experienced a historic rise in illegal immigrants and illicit drugs entering our country. Two years later, every state is a border state, and Iowa’s unique location at the intersection of two major interstates makes it a target for human traffickers and drug cartels.”

“Since the administration refuses to invest in securing the border and protecting its citizens, Texas has asked other states to help, and Iowa is ready and willing to assist,” she continued. “Iowa is deploying National Guard troops and personnel from the Department of Public Safety to protect the citizens and interests of our state by supporting Operation Lone Star and helping secure the U.S. Southern border.”

Texas has moved to defend the border in the absence of federal support. The Department of Justice has since pursued legal action against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over the state’s efforts to deter illegal immigration. Biden’s Justice Department has made it clear that it is on the side of Human Traffickers and Mexican Drug Cartels over the safety of its own citizenry.  

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