Israel CROSSED by United States… Sec. of State Just…

The Biden administration is proving to everyone what I have been saying for years…

The Democrat Party despises Israel.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is determined to take Israel down, as was proven by recent comments.

Just Stop

Recently, Blinken revealed a report accusing Israel of violating humanitarian rights.

Joe Biden has told Israel that if it wants to continue to get aid from the United States, it must not invade Rafah, which is where Hamas is currently believed to be holed up.

Blinken is now doing Biden’s dirty work, trying to dictate to Israel how it should fight this war.

When Blinken was recently asked about withholding military aid to Israel, which could actually get Biden impeached, Blinken responded, “We believe two things. One, you have to have a clear, credible plan to protect civilians, which we haven’t seen. Second, we also need to see a plan for what happens after this conflict in Gaza is over.

“And we still haven’t seen that because what are we seeing right now? We’re seeing parts of Gaza that Israel has cleared of Hamas, where Hamas is coming back, including in the north, including in Khan Younis.

“As we look at Rafah, they may go in and have some initial success, but potentially at an incredibly high cost to civilians, but one that is not durable, one that’s not sustainable.

“And they will be left holding the bag on an enduring insurgency because a lot of armed Hamas will be left, no matter what they do in Rafah, or if they leave and get out of Gaza, as we believe they need to do.

“Then you’re going to have a vacuum and a vacuum that’s likely to be filled by chaos, by anarchy, and ultimately by Hamas again.”

Blinken later dropped the real bomb on Israel, stating, “When it comes to the use of weapons, concerns about incidents where given the totality of the damage that’s been done to children, women, men, it was reasonable to assess that, in certain instances, Israel acted in ways that are not consistent with international humanitarian law.”

Biden surrogates and Democrats have tried to defend Biden on this, but he is quickly losing support on this front.

While Biden has caved to the far leftists in the party that support Palestine and, by default, Hamas, he is losing far more that stand by Israel.

Biden will pay for this betrayal… of that, I have no doubt.

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