Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is pushing back against the idea of a three-day pause in the Israel-Hamas war.

He believes a pause in the war would do more harm than good.

Bennett, like most of us, believes that a pause would only allow Hamas to regroup.

Don’t Let Them…

Hamas has started to negotiate, saying it will release some hostages for the pause.

The fact of the matter is that Israel has Hamas reeling right now, so a pause would only undermine all the work that Israel has done thus far.

Not to mention that any aid that is supplied to the people of Gaza will wind up in the hands of Hamas.

Hamas leadership has even come forward to admit that governing Gaza and supplying water, food, and fuel to the people of Gaza, is not its main interest.

Bennett, who also served as Netanyahu’s chief of staff, called such a pause a “very bad idea.”

The pause was suggested by the Biden administration, but Netanyahu stated that he would not even consider such a measure until all hostages have been released.

When Bennett was asked about the idea, he stated, “I think instead of applying pressure on Israel to cease fire, there should be only one pressure point, and it’s to pressure Hamas into disarming Gaza and releasing hostages.”

When pressed on the pause, he continued, “It’s a very bad idea.”

My belief is that a pause would only serve as time for Hamas to reorganize and resupply, offering more resistance to Israel, which is clearly winning this battle right now.

If Israel can continue to press forward, there just may be an end in sight to this war.

Source: Fox News

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