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Kari Lake Drops NEW Teaser

Recently, former Republican nominee for Arizona’s gubernatorial race, Kari Lake announced her potential run for Kyrsten Sinema’s seat in the United States Senate. Now, Lake has just dropped a teaser video on Twitter that includes media reports speculating on her upcoming campaign as well as her own statements.

In her video, Lake stated: “It is my duty to the citizens of Arizona to stay in. If they think that I’m going away, they got another thing coming” – words which could easily be interpreted as meaning her intention to run for office once again.

If she follows through with this decision, then it could potentially set up a three-way race between herself, Sinema and Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego.

An Emerson College poll revealed that 42% of those surveyed supported Lake in the GOP primary field followed by Mark Lamb at 11%, Blake Masters at 7%, Brian Wright and Jim Lamon with 2% each.

Furthermore, an independent Noble Predictive Insights survey indicated that if all three candidates were to face off against one another in the general election then Gallego would win at 34%. Sinema and Lake would both come away with 26% and 25%, respectively.

If Kari Lake does end up running for office then she will have many opponents including Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb and possibly Blake Masters who ran unsuccessfully for senate during the last election cycle.

As Caroline Wren, senior adviser to Kari Lake said “It’s time Arizona has a true conservative fighter in the U.S. Senate. The people of Arizona want Kari Lake to stay in this fight and are calling on her to run and she’s very likely to answer that call.”

This is an exciting time for Republicans across Arizona as they anticipate what kind of impact someone like Kari Lake might have if elected into office.

It’s clear from polls that there is a great deal of support behind her candidacy so we’ll just have to wait until she officially announces her bid before we know more about what she plans to do should she become senator.

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