Kayleigh McEnany Gives Shocking Explanation

Former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in her trademark style that endeared her to Trump supporters took a deep breath and unloaded with devastating accuracy on Kamala Harris during ‘Outnumbered‘ on. Her analysis was clear-cut and brutally accurate: Harris is playing “political calculus” with Afghanistan with but one goal in mind: her own eventual Presidency.

Co-hosts Shannon Bream and Emily Compagno opened the segment of Outnumbered discussing the horrific situation for women in Afghanistan. Women who only in the last few years gained what many Western women take for granted: basic freedom, only to have it ripped away in a matter of days. Bream noted heartbreaking scenes such as women tossing their babies to strangers within Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

McEnany ALWAYS Has The Receipts

McEnany’s response was thorough and merciless,“I’ll tell you exactly why she’s being silent. She’s being silent, she’s being absent because she wants to be and this is a political calculus. And that is what is so sad at base about this.

Why was she absent from the border for a hundred days? She didn’t want to be seen down there with the images that she once decried. She used to call it ‘human rights violations’. Uh, the border has never been as bad as it is now. We’ve talked about those young girls at the border, the suicide watch lists in these children’s facilities. She’s absent because she doesn’t want her face alongside those images.”

“Why is she absent on Afghanistan? You’re right, she’s made those statements Emily. She’s absent because she touted ‘I was a last person in the room with President Biden when the decision was made to get out of Afghanistan,’” McEnany said.

“She was instrumental in the decision. Her silence means that she does not want to be attached to this crumbling, because, guess what, she wants to be president in three and a half years. This is about power and how sick is that, as women as Shannon said, put their babies over fences — how hard of a decision that must be.”

The most unpopular person to assume the Vice Presidency in over fifty years has a mind to take the reins of government from a dotard who should never have been allowed to rise to power in the first place. The American people are already on a knife’s edge, if Kamala pushes out Joe Biden and embarks on the course of blatant socialism that the left has in mind, the results will be catastrophic.

Arguably President Trump’s most popular Press Secretary, McEnany is known for being incredibly well informed, her legendary binder always ensured she had the receipts to back her up any time she laid waste to a member of the mainstream, leftist media during her tenure. Her thorough and fact-based analysis hasn’t dulled at all since joining ‘Outnumbered‘ as a co-host in March 2021.


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