Lauren Boebert isn’t Backing Down, Introduces More Bills to Stop Joe Biden’s Regime

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert who has made a name for herself as not only an ardent 2nd Amendment supporter and target of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anger is making more waves and more bills. Rep. Boebert has introduced a bill blocking the Biden/Harris administration’s moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

As one of his now 29 Executive Orders since assuming the Presidency, Biden signed an executive order aimed at “making climate change a central focus in the creation and oversight of U.S. policy domestically and abroad.” according to The Durango Herald. The order also placed a pause on all new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and in and offshore waters until the Secretary of the Interior completes a review.

Boeberts new bill, the “Protecting American Energy Jobs Act” takes direct aim at killing Biden’s moratorium. Boebert said in a statement on her website,

“Joe Biden has unilaterally imposed job-killing, anti-energy mandates that are going to crush my district and the people that live within it,”

The Latest of Many Bills Targeted at the Biden Regime

This bill is only the latest in a series of four so-far proposed that would rebuke and reverse Biden-Harris’ Executive Orders, thus far Boebert’s bills would:  prevent the U.S. from re-entering the Paris climate agreement, reverse Biden’s mask mandate on interstate highways and federal property and cut funding to the Chinese-compromised World Health Organization.

Boebert’s efforts are likely futile given the firm Democrat control of the House, but it is critical that these bills enter the record and force committe and floor votes that identify which GOP members of Congress are willing to sell out the American people to Democrat and globalist pressure and who will stand. The Durango Herald also reported that so far: “U.S. Rep. and House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.; American Exploration & Mining Association President Mark Compton; and Conservatives for Property Rights President Jim Edwards also released statements in support of Boebert’s bill.”

Resistance Isn’t Futile

As grassroots and state-level Trump supporters begin targeting establishment Republicans who have broken faith for primary challenges, it’s crucial that these sorts of bills are brought forth, so that each GOP Congressman and Congresswoman can be held to account by their constituents. Every conservative and libertarian voter needs to watch carefully and ask each Representative simply “What did YOU do?” before going back to the ballots in two years.

“While the Biden administration pretends big oil is its target, the reality is it’s the folks in small rural communities that will be hit hardest by today’s indefinite moratorium,” Boebert said in a statement. “There is no reason the U.S. should become more dependent on volatile foreign sources from countries like Russia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia when we can safely produce these resources right here in America,”

“If Biden wants Congress to work with him, he should work with Congress instead of signing 15 executive orders and 2 executive actions to circumvent us,” Boebert said in a tweet.

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