Lawsuits Already Stacking Up Against Biden Administration

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas is making headlines in the wake of the inauguration of Joe Biden. The lawsuits are already stacking up against the Biden/Harris Administration and AG Paxton is ensuring that Texas is the nucleus of conservative resistance to the Democratic regime. Paxton has made a name for himself by launching the Supreme Court legal challenge to the 2020 Election.

The Texas AG released a statement saying,

“I promise my fellow Texans and Americans that I will fight against the many unconstitutional and illegal actions that the new administration will take, challenge federal overreach that infringes Texans’ rights, and serve as a major check against the administration’s lawlessness.”

The Lawsuits are Coming

Texas CBS/NBC Affiliate KXAN reports,

“The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) said it is preparing a number of federal lawsuits, mainly centered around federal overreach. Currently, energy regulations and education curriculum under the Biden administration are the focus of the foundation’s legal team. This comes after Biden declared his intent to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and revoke the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.”

Under the Obama administration the Texas AG sued the Federal Government 78 times according the the Texas Tribune, and 145 times under President Donald Trump, who set the stage by appointing a staggering 226 conservative federal judges of whom 54 are federal appellate judges and three are Supreme Court Justices.

The TPPF says they haven’t seen any executive orders that would call for a challenge related to COVID19 yet. However, this is likely to come in the next few months. AG Paxton has also released a brief regarding Biden’s highly illegal 100-day moratorium on deportation, he’s clearly gearing up for a fight, threatening the Government with legal action if they fail to respond. AG Paxton’s office wrote,

“This letter serves as notice that Texas believes DHS has violated the Agreement; it is not a comprehensive list of the many legal defects in your memorandum. See Agreement § 8. Texas would like to resolve this dispute, but you must immediately rescind the January 20 Memorandum. DHS’s failure to provide Texas with pre- implementation notice of the memorandum—combined with its quick implementation of the memorandum—makes waiting impracticable. We require an immediate response or we will seek relief to enjoin your order, as contemplated by the Agreement. Agreement.”

If the Federal Government refuses to enforce the US Constitution, at least it seems the State of Texas will.


  1. Praise the Lord for AG’s like Ken Paxton and those other AG’s that have the test-e-tickles to “”FIGHT”” (not riot @ a Wash DC bldg) our new President Joe Hiden Biden and FOR OUR RIGHTS. We do have the Socialist Train running down the tracks (left the station last Wed) and soon we will see ALL types of Social Issue Laws / Reg’s (or E.O.’s from Hiden Biden) for those of – Color. That color will not include ya all having White Supremacy (from birth) ISSUES. Hiden Biden and the other socialists / communists can be <> but it will take brave soldiers like the AG from TX.

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