Leftist Protests Erupt Outside Biden Admins Home

On Monday, leftist political activists “unfurled a 30-foot banner, made from emergency blankets” at the home of Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas. While they were there, the protesters harassed his wife Tanya for fun. It seems the invasion isn’t happening fast enough for the radical progressives.

Leftist guerrillas invade

Just to show the honcho of homeland security how it’s done, leftist guerrillas invaded the castle of Alejandro Mayorkas and tried to intimidate his wife. They can’t understand how the allegedly progressive regime keeps “continuing former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.”

They want the borders erased completely so any terrorist can stroll across at will. They picked Mayorkas for special treatment because he’s the one in charge of “ICE, Border Patrol and the rest of Biden’s immigration agenda.”

Never Again Action did their leftist best to make it go viral. They couldn’t wait to tweet out their anarchist activities.

“We just covered his house with a 30-foot emergency blanket banner, speaking the truth: on immigration, the Biden presidency is a continuation of Trump policy.”

The way the leftist group describes themselves paints them as anarchists with a split personality and a guilt complex. “Jews, immigrants & allies taking direct action to #AbolishICE, so they can no longer persecute immigrants.”

They don’t “persecute” “immigrants” they prosecute illegal border jumpers for the crime of jumping the border.

They live here now

The leftist radicals would be dialing 911 in a heartbeat if someone climbed in their window, made a beeline for the fridge, grabbed a beer and some snacks, then settled down on the sofa to surf cable.

“Yo vivo aqui ahora,” they declare as they prop their feet on the coffee table. “I live here now.” If you’re lucky he might mow the lawn.

“We talked briefly to the wife of DHS Secretary Mayorkas. She was very angry, and told us that this was her family home. And we really do understand that.” They’re “co-opting” it. “But again, there are families being torn apart every day. There are people being deported from their home forever, every day.”

Like those poor Haitians who came all the way up through South and Central America, all the way north until they could smell the freedom in Texas. Then they instantly got a free ride back to the airport in Port Au Prince. The leftist protesters are still jumping up and down over it.

Joe Biden, the radicals whine, “promised to dismantle Trump’s cruel immigration system,” and “replace it with one” that’s “fair and humane.” Instead he’s deporting them. Biden “is doubling down on Trump’s policies and tactics of fear. It’s exactly what we all voted against.”

The leftist group is especially mad about “the ‘Title 42 policy’ under which the Trump administration deported many migrants seeking refugee status out of the country while their application was processed. Biden has also used the same rationale to deport Haitian migrants who showed up by the thousands in Del Rio, Texas, asking for refugee status.”

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