Mother Claps Back After Being Blasted For Overly ‘Sexualized’ Picture

This mother and fitness influencer was slammed by critics after she posted an overly “sexualized” photo with her teen son. Now, she’s come forward to hit back at critics and defend the controversial picture.

A recent photo of Australian fitness influencer and nutritionist Sophie Guidolin with her son Kai has sparked a heated debate on social media. The post, captioned “Happy 15th Kai” was met with mixed reactions as many netizens deemed the image inappropriate and overly sexualized.

Though some saw it as an innocent mother-son moment, others were not so supportive of the photo.

The controversial snapshot featured Guidolin cuddling up to her son with her backside on display. Trolls bombarded her inbox with negative comments about the photo claiming that Kai appeared uncomfortable and that his mother was exploiting him for attention.

Other “vulgar trolls” even suggested that she was “banging” him. Despite these accusations, Guidolin stood firm stating that having a body is normal and should not be seen as something shameful or sexualized. She also argued that when her sons see her in a bikini they don’t view it any differently than if she’s going to the beach or swimming; there is no underlying motive of seduction or lust in their eyes.

Though hundreds of sympathizing moms told Guidolin to ignore her haters, many users – including some mothers – weren’t so supportive of the photo. Their comments were pretty direct calling out both mother and son for their actions which clearly showed disregard for society’s norms regarding age-appropriate behavior between parents and children.

As with anything you post publicly on social media, you will always attract criticism – regardless if it is warranted or not – especially when you choose to live your life in the public eye like Sophie Guidolin does through running her nutrition business The Bod and raising twins plus another son alongside husband Nathan Crook.

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