New Kavanaugh Revelations Come to Light

Just when you thought we were done with Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s salacious, unsupported accusations against Associate Supreme Court Justice (and general disappointment to conservatives) Brett Kavanaugh, here comes the Biden-Harris regime’s FBI with a response to a letter sent by Senator’s Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) in 2019 to then FBI Director Christopher Wray. The letter apparently contains “new details” and revelations and Democrats are DEMANDING the investigation into Kavanaugh be reopened.

Now, the leftist mainstream media is falling all over themselves to make some serious implications from this extremely belated letter, but it’s an almost complete nothing-burger. The timing is also incredibly suspect, given that the first serious threat to the Roe v. Wade precedent since the ’90s is coming up which actually has a reasonable possibility of overturning abortion on demand. Or could it be that he just penned a strong ruling against the CDC’s Eviction Moratorium declaring it unconstitutional?

Doesn’t this seem a bit convenient to you?

So let’s take a look at this:

Here’s the claim that Dr. Blasey-Ford’s lawyers are making according to Politico.

“Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct before he was confirmed in 2018 as a Supreme Court justice, said Thursday that the FBI’s investigation into her allegations was a “sham and a major institutional failure.”

“The letter from the Department of Justice, released by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office today, confirms what we knew: The FBI’s investigation into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s serious allegations about Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct was a sham and a major institutional failure,” Blasey Ford’s lawyers, Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, said in the Thursday statement. “Not only did the FBI refuse to interview Dr. Ford or the corroborators listed in our letter to FBI Director Wray, it failed to act on the over 4,500 tips it received about then-nominee Kavanaugh. Instead, it handed the information over to the White House, allowing those who supported Kavanaugh to falsely claim that the FBI found no wrongdoing.”

Naturally, one would think that Senator Whitehouse would sink his teeth into this development and hang on for dear life. Instead, he rather lazily could only be bothered to add inquiries regarding the letter to another he was already writing to Attorney General Merrick Garland sandwiching it between two other completely unrelated topics. “Civil Fraud Investigation of the Fossil Fuel Industry under Tobacco Case Precedent.” and “The Antitrust Investigation into California’s Fuel-Emission Agreements.” If something’s important you’d think it could merit a separate inquiry, wouldn’t you?

It’s a very strange blend of the press seeming to take these “revelations” extremely seriously while the politicians kind of yawn about it.

So What Were The Big “Revelations”

Here are the biggest reveals from the FBI letter:

  1. The FBI investigation wasn’t a criminal investigation, it was a standard background check which by a long-standing policy is delivered to the nominating body for a given position. In the case of Justice Kavanaugh, this was the White House. The FBI functions in this role as “an investigative service provider” or ISP for background investigations or BI’s.
  2. The FBI’s function as an ISP is purely fact-finding. The authorities, policies, and procedures relied on by the FBI to conduct Bls are not the same as the authorities, policies, and procedures used to investigate criminal matters. Accordingly, the FBI division responsible for conducting Bls is the Security Division, which is separate from the divisions responsible for investigating criminal matters.”
  3. “The FBI does not initiate a supplemental background investigation unless instructed to do so by the requesting entity.”
  4. “The BI was completed and results disseminated to the Office of White House Counsel on July 18, 2018. During the BI, the FBI interviewed forty-nine individuals over the course of five days.”
  5. All results are always and ONLY delivered to the requesting entity, in this case: The White House Counsel. It is not the FBI’s role to perform a deeper investigation into a nominee unless requested to do so.

The investigative role falls to the Senate NOT THE FBI which is part of the Executive Branch. This is why a Senate hearing has the ability to subpoena witnesses and evidence. For the FBI to independently conduct a deeper investigation than a background check into a nominee from their own branch would represent a breach in the Constitutional separation of powers.

Here is what the mainstream leftists of the Biden-Harris propaganda machine aren’t telling you:

  • “On September 13, 2018, the FBI was asked by the Office of White House Counsel to conduct supplemental background investigations, specifically, limited inquiries. A limited inquiry is conducted to resolve a specific issue arising during or after completion of a BI. The requesting entity sets the parameters of a limited inquiry, which may include interviewees and topics to address.
  • Over the course of six days, as part of several limited inquiries, the FBI interviewed ten individuals (not part of the 49 persons interviewed during the BI). Because the FBI was again acting in its role as an ISP and not as a criminal investigative entity, the authorities, policies, and procedures used to investigate criminal matters did not apply.
  • The FBI completed the limited inquiries on October 4, 2018, and provided the results to the requesting entity.”

That’s right, the White House Counsel of President Trump REQUESTED the FBI dig deeper into the allegations against Kavanaugh. 

Finally, the biggest bomb drop the leftist media wants you to hear:

Due to the high volume of “unsolicited tips,” the FBI was receiving, for the first time ever in a Supreme Court Nominee’s background check, they created a “tip-line” which fielded some 4,500 “tips” from the public.

The wrote,

“The FBI received over 4,500 tips, including phone calls and electronic submissions. The Security Division section handling the BI and supplemental background investigations provided all relevant tips to the Office of White House Counsel (as the requesting entity).”

Question: How many of those 4,500 tips do you really think were “relevant” tips instead of mad shrieks of the woke, pussy-hat wearing, violent protestors who pounded the doors of the Supreme Court and stormed the halls of the Senate and cornered Jeff Flake in an elevator without consequences?

Let’s jog our memory, shall we?

Yup, these folks look totally reliable, and would never abuse a public “tip line” with absolutely no vetting process to vent their collective rage at the bad man who might prevent them from using abortions instead of birth control.


These “Revelations” should have them wanting to read another work with that title… They can find it at the end of a really prominent religious text. Maybe they’ll Google it.

But according to The Hill, Columnist Joan McCarter let the real goal of all this slip: impeachment of Kavanaugh: and not because of anything he actually did, but as a means to an end.

Columnist Joan McCarter noted, for example, that impeachment would take time but that the court can be packed now to rid it of “dangerous ideologues, and a few corrupt ones.” While Kavanaugh is investigated, she said, Democrats should “dilute the Trump/RNC/Koch/Federalist Society’s malign influence and balance it out with four or six or however many additional justices.”

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