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Olive Garden Facing Public Controversy After Kicking Uniformed Officer Out While Celebrating His Birthday

Kansas City police officer Michael Holsworth recently experienced what can only be described as an outrageous display of disrespect towards a law enforcement officer.

To make matters worse, it happened on his birthday.

Holsworth was in full uniform and armed with his service weapon when he was asked to leave the Olive Garden restaurant by an employee.

This incident has sparked outrage among many members of the law enforcement community, and for good reason.

Here is what happened on that fateful day.

On his lunch break from duty, Officer Michael Holsworth met up with his family at the local Olive Garden to celebrate his birthday.

As he waited for them at the front of the restaurant, an employee walked up to him and said “Sir, we don’t allow guns in here.”

It turns out that even though off-duty officers are allowed to carry firearms while eating in restaurants, this particular Olive Garden had a policy forbidding them from doing so.

Holsworth later took to social media to voice his outrage about this situation saying, “Now I never in my wildest thoughts of thoughts this would happen in the Kansas City area…I see it happening all over the United States to other officers but never thought it would happen to me.”

The post was shared more than 12 thousand times and prompted a lot of backlash against Olive Garden on their Facebook and Twitter pages from people who supported Holsworth and other officers like him who put their lives on the line every day for our safety and protection.

In response to this outcry, Olive Garden issued an apology saying that they love serving law enforcement personnel but that there had been a misunderstanding about their policy regarding firearms in restaurants – something which they have since clarified online.

Furthermore, Dave George – president of the company – called Officer Holsworth personally by phone to apologize for any embarrassment caused by this incident.

Despite these actions however some people remain unconvinced that there wasn’t more going on behind closed doors at Olive Gardens headquarters than meets the eye – including Brad Lemon – President of the Fraternal Order Of Police – who wrote “It’s been an incredibly difficult day for our brother, and our entire family…All we ever ask is to be treated fairly and with the same respect due to anyone else.”

Officer Holsworth himself stated “I ask that the media and others respect my privacy and devote their attention to altering the general narrative about police officers in a more positive direction so this type of situation does not occur in the future.”

Whether or not you agree with gun laws or policies regarding firearms in restaurants one thing is certain: law enforcement officers should always be treated with respect no matter where they are or what uniform they wear.

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