One Patriot’s Plan to STOP Global EVIL

The evil forces of darkness are winning. Whether conservative Americans want to face the fact or not, we are in a war of “biblical” proportions. One patriot came up with a simple way to stop the madness. It’s an idea basic enough to really work. So far, it isn’t. There is still time to change that but we must act fast and spread the word. Like Paul Revere, tell all your friends inside the beltway, “We the People are coming.” Meanwhile, the people went museum visiting again.

Evil stalks Lady Liberty

All it takes is one simple thing to save America from the forces of evil globalist annihilation. Conservatives must remind their elected officials “they work for us.” One person demanding that gets giggled at. There are roughly 332,403,650 people officially living in this nation.

If anywhere close to the 166 million statistical conservatives stand up to say “WE ARE HERE,” it could save America as a separate nation. One with its own set of laws. The alternative is global government where all the decisions come from Brussels, Belgium.


Right now, what Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman is doing seems like the cartoon plot of a Dr. Seuss classic. In order for Joe Biden’s evil handlers to finally get the message, we need to deliver a human tsunami of flag waving patriots to Washington D.C. One like the sea of black which hit Hong Kong a couple years ago.

Coleman is doing everything he can possibly think of, to accomplish that. Nobody is hearing a word about it. Please tell all your friends to at least take a look.

Grey Wolf was one of the members of The People’s Convoy delegation fighting evil corruption in Washington this past spring. He earned considerable name recognition with the way he stood up to liberal media hack Zach Petrizzo, reminding him that we have freedom to express our opinions here in America, whether the media likes it or not.

Despite his experience and connections, Ron Coleman is only human. One patriot can’t do it alone, no matter how passionate. He needs your help before its too late. If the Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom fails, there may not be another peaceful chance to save America as a sovereign nation.


The trail of history

On Saturday, October 22, Grey Wolf and his ground crew treated video followers to an amazing and moving slice of American history. Like Coleman and his vitally crucial efforts, this major historical landmark slips right under everybody’s radar. Before Abraham Lincoln served as President and fought evil forces, bringing freedom to enslaved citizens at the cost of a bloody war over political issues, he served as an Illinois lawmaker.

Lincoln was granted his license to practice law in the same building he crafted laws from. The State Capitol building in Vandalia, Illinois. His presence can be felt throughout and serves as a reminder of what we are all fighting for today.


In the early years of our Republic, they didn’t have word processors. The ink stands and quill pens were a stark reminder that the laws crafted by Lincoln and his contemporaries weren’t thousand page behemoths that nobody could read.

In those days, proposed laws were kept to the bare minimum of wording and the ones making the decisions were a whole lot more literate than the ones we have today, so actually understood what they were voting on. Evil thrives on ignorance, making laws too big to read brought disaster down on society.

After a thorough tour and a pleasant chat with helpful, welcoming and informative staff, Ron and his wingman Gypsy stepped out into the crisp autumn air. It seems that along the street edging the statehouse, jeeps are changing colors for fall. An inexplicable multicolored herd of them were curiously taking up all the parking spaces. Just across the street from the state house is Lincoln Park.

It’s easy to see why our former president liked to spend so much time quietly reading there when he wasn’t fighting evil in the state house. As during the life of Lincoln, there are times for peaceful reflection and other times which call for drastic decisions and bitter battles. The only way to prevent bitter and divisive battles in the future is to stand up in peace now. We must remind our elected officials, “they work for us.”


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