Republican Turncoat Tucks Tail, Joins Democrat Party

Republican Turncoat Tucks Tail, Joins Democrat Party

A Republican turncoat is tucking tail and running to the Democrat Party. As is typical for RINOs, when they want to be famous they join the left.

Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court Judge Kim A. Browne has announced that she is switching party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, just one year before running for reelection to a fourth full term on the bench.

She officially filed her Declaration of Intent to Change Political Party Affiliation with the county board of elections on June 9.

“As an African American woman, I have become very disturbed by what the GOP has come to stand for, tolerate and encourage,” Browne said Wednesday of her decision to switch parties.

The question is, is she doing this for fame, like RINOs Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, who side with the Democrats to receive a pat on the back from the left and the mainstream media? Or is she switching parties to stay in power because it has become more difficult for Republicans to win in Franklin County?

According to reporting by The Columbus Dispatch, “Browne is the third Republican judge to switch parties in the past two years in Franklin County, where Democratic domination has made it increasingly difficult for Republican candidates to win.”

Browne and the other “Republican” turncoats all claim that their decision wasn’t motivated by the Democrats’ growing hold on Franklin County. Democrats took over the county in the November 2020 election, with left-wing judges winning all 10 judicial races on the ballot, defeating four Republican incumbents in the process.

The Columbus Dispatch reports: “Among the Republican incumbents who lost was Dana Suzanne Preisse, who had served on the Domestic-Relations/Juvenile Court bench for 24 years. She was knocked off by George W. Leach, who ran against her as a Democrat after losing a race for Municipal Court judge in 2017 as a Republican.”

It appears that a lot of loser “Republicans” are running to the left in this one county, which goes against the broader trend in the United States, as the most high-profile stories of party “defectors” have been Democrats switching to the Republican Party.

Browne was appointed in 2002 by then-Ohio Governor Bob Taft, a Republican, to fill a vacancy on the bench. She won an election later that year to complete her term, receiving 57.8% of the vote. Browne then ran unopposed in her next election, and won her next two bids for reelection with 54.6% and 55.2% of the vote, respectively.

According to Browne, judges “are more reliant than any other elected official to insist upon strict adherence to the rule of law and to observe basic democratic norms. And it has become plain that the Republican Party at all levels has abdicated this responsibility.”

“I’ve been a Republican for 36 years and I have just never been more disillusioned or disappointed about what the GOP has become. Whatever it is, it is no longer the party of Lincoln,” she added.

Browne is blatantly lying here, falling back on a weak left-wing argument. Somehow, to these RINOs and Democrats, one unlawful incident perpetrated by so-called Republicans is the end of the world, while an entire year of lawlessness, chaos, violence, and destruction by the left is not even worth a discussion.

Franklin County Republican Party Executive Committee Chairman Josh Jaffe called out Browne and the other turncoat judges for their decision to switch parties.

“Sometimes judges have to think like politicians,” he said. “They all made a political calculation that they’ll have an easier time as Democrats. If they were comfortable running on their records, they would not feel the need to pull a political stunt like this.”

Browne will be running for reelection again in 2022.

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