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Salvation Army Walks it Back

The Salvation Army found itself in the middle of a controversy heading into the Christmas season, its most profitable time of the year. Two internal documents have been released to the public that shows that the Christian Charity had embraced the racist woke agenda and was forcing it upon their employees.

The outrage over these documents swept the nation and now the Salvation Army is trying to walk back the racist rhetoric in an attempt to save itself.

The Salvation Army Goes Woke

The controversy began as two internal Salvation Army documents were leaked to the public. One is called the “Study Guide on Racism,” and the other is a guidebook titled, “Let’s Talk About Racism.”

The National Review reported on the story stating:

In a guidebook titled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” the organization calls Christians to reflect on and rectify their contributions to the social inequities and prejudicial systems that have harmed minorities. Citing its “International Position Statement on Racism,” the organization writes that it “acknowledges with regret, that Salvationists have sometimes shared in the sins of racism and conformed to economic, organizational and social pressures that perpetuate racism.”

An accompanying document created by the Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission, called the “Study Guide on Racism,” claims that white people are responsible for “unconscious bias,” an idea promulgated by critical-race-theory advocate Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi argues that white people’s legacy of racism is irredeemable, and that the only remedy is reverse discrimination as a matter of retributive justice to level the societal playing field.

In the “Let’s Talk About Racism,” guidebook the Salvation Army urges white donors to “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed,” it continues by pushing them to adopt “a posture of … anti-racism.” Both statements use language and ideologies pushed by Kendi.

The “Study Guide on Racism” isn’t much better as it states that white people are guilty of “unconscious bias” and “unwittingly perpetuate racial division.” It continues with statements such as this, “We must stop denying the existence of individual and systemic/institutional racism. They exist, and are still at work to keep White Americans in power.”

Trying to Save Face

After the uproar over the Critical Race Theory messaging coming out of the Salvation Army’s own internal documents, the Charity has released a statement in an attempt to deny their worship of woke ideologies.

“[S]ome individuals and groups have recently attempted to mislabel our organization to serve their own agendas. They have claimed that we believe our donors should apologize for their skin color, that The Salvation Army believes America is an inherently racist society, and that we have abandoned our Christian faith for one ideology or another,” the statement explained.

In an attempt to mitigate the damage done the statement continued by explaining that the documents were released to members as a “voluntary resource.” But the question remains, why were they released at all?

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