Explosive News About Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Sanders Drops TRUTH BOMB on White House…

All of a sudden, Sarah Sanders is a real player in the Republican Party.

Sanders was given the honor of offering up the GOP rebuttal after Biden’s SOTU speech.

Her speech was so good, there is now a growing movement to try to get her on the ticket for 2024.

Too Soon

I have always liked Sanders, but I also believe she was in over her head as the White House Press Secretary.

When you look at her time compared to Kayleigh McEnany, it is not even close.

Sanders was a lock in terms of winning the gubernatorial election as a legacy in Arkansas, making history as the first woman, the youngest governor, and the first father and daughter team to hold the position.

There is no denying that she hit the ground running, but she is literally just getting started in terms of political experience, which is why I was shocked that she was chosen for the rebuttal.

This is generally reserved for an up and coming star that is expected to play a major role in the next big election, and I think Sanders would need at least one full term in the Arkansas mansion before taking on a presidential run.

Having said all that, she really knocked it out the park on Tuesday night…

That line of choosing “between normal or crazy” went viral as soon as she said it.

Look out world… we have a new player at the table!

Source: Fox News

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