Surfaced Emails Show Biden’s Back Door Plan

The Biden-Harris regime is plunging further into Totalitarianism this week as emails have revealed that they are prepared to enact DEVASTATING environmental regulations bringing the Green New Deal agenda to life without Congress. Many are calling it Biden’s “Back Door Climate Plan”, the White House calls it “a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice” and it all stems from a single Supreme Court ruling: Massachusetts v. EPA (2007).

The Wall Street Journal reported,

“Climate activists have long sought to force CO2 emissions reductions under the Clean Air Act, but this has been tricky. The Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA (2007) ruled that the law’s general definition of “pollutant” covered greenhouse gases. But the Court didn’t tell the EPA how it should regulate CO2 under the law.

Massachusetts v. EPA set the ground for the Obama EPA’s “endangerment finding” in 2009 declaring that greenhouse gases are a threat to public health and welfare. Green groups then petitioned the Obama EPA to list CO2 as a “criteria pollutant” and set National Air Ambient Quality Standards (NAAQS).”

According to TheBlaze,

“President Joe Biden has called for a “clean energy revolution,” proposing $2 trillion in federal spending over four years on clean energy initiatives, infrastructure projects, and new climate regulations. Among his first actions in office were several executive actions implementing aspects of the Green New Deal — a progressive legislative agenda designed to fundamentally transform the U.S. economy to meet far-left climate standards.”

The Biden-Harris ‘Back door’ Strategy

TheBlaze’s Chris Panolfo wrote, “Emails obtained by Chris Horner at Energy Policy Advocates and reported by the Wall Street Journal show how in 2019 Democratic state attorneys general consulted a Biden administration bureaucrat on strategies to regulate CO2 through the “backdoor” without Congressional approval.”

With former Obama EPA official Joe Goffman now Biden’s de facto Greenhouse Gas Czar over the Office of Air and Radiation, this nightmare is about to become a reality.

The Wall Street Journal Explained,

“Consultants referred by Mr. Goffman told the AGs that regulating CO2 as a criteria pollutant wouldn’t fly. But they proposed using ozone NAAQS as what one called a “backdoor.” Fossil fuel combustion, motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions contribute to ozone. So the EPA could make states reduce CO2 emissions by tightening ozone standards. States might have to outlaw natural gas-powered appliances, gas stations and internal combustion engines to meet stricter ozone standards.”

In an uncovered email to the New York State AG, Former EPA official John Bachmann wrote “New legislation requiring specific actions would be much better than NAAQS, and yet I’m mindful of the obvious problem of how to get such legislation even with a new administration.” Apparently, other climate consultants agreed with him.

From day one the Biden White House has launched an aggressive, even hateful campaign of rolling back almost every action President Trump took in his first term. His opening salvos were to re-sign the punishing Paris Climate Accords, terminate the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, and appoint a radical environmental activist as Interior Secretary actions that cut America’s newly earned energy independence off at the knees.

Part the executive orders include:

  • Indefinitely ceasing all federal land leases for oil and gas
  • Setting an arguably unobtainable Goal of “doubling offshore wind energy production by 2030”
  • Distorting our National security priorities by including climate change as a threat
  • Creating the additional bureaucracy of a “White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy”

All of this comes from someone who said “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was quick to point out the glaring similarities to her own plan. “I support the Biden plan that I put forward. The Biden plan, which is different than what he calls the radical Green New Deal,” Biden said when challenged by President Trump in a 2020 debate. And apparently he’ll take it either way… even through the “back door”.


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