Taliban Open Fire, Then Begin Arresting Journalists

As the Islamofascist Taliban regime tightens its grip on Afghanistan they are cracking down hard on all forms of protest and public demonstration, even beating and threatening the journalists, domestic or even international who dare to cover them. On September 7th as a protest was forming outside of the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul Taliban terrorists began to fire gunshots to disperse the protestors and arrested several journalists at the scene according to Stars & Stripes.

An Afghan journalist who was detained to be cut loose later by the jihadis told The Associated Press he was punished harshly by the Taliban.

“They made me rub my nose on the ground and apologize for covering the protest,” he said, “Journalism is Afghanistan is getting harder,” he added, he declined to give his name for his own safety.


The protests were driven by a public opinion that the Pakistani government in Islamabad has been covertly supporting the Taliban takeover following the withdrawal of American troops and the collapse of Asraf Ghani’s short-lived government.

The protestors alleged that the Panjshir province, the last free province to fall was taken with illicit Pakistani assistance. Islamabad has of course denied this.

According to Canada’s CP24 News,

“The Taliban moved quickly and harshly to end the protest as demonstrators arrived near the presidential palace. They fired their weapons into the air and arrested several journalists covering the demonstration. At one point, a Taliban member waving a Kalashnikov rifle took a microphone from a journalist and began beating him with it. The journalist was later handcuffed and detained for several hours.

“This is the third time I have been beaten by the Taliban covering protests,” the journalist told The Associated Press, speaking on condition he not be identified because he feared retaliation. “I won’t go again to cover a demonstration. It’s too difficult for me.”

A Government Headed By Wanted Men Opens Fire On Civilians, Journalists

Criminal actions from the terror-state now ruling in Kabul are to be expected now that Joe Biden’s failure is nearly complete. The ‘interim government’, little more than a gang of thugs who have taken control are led by Mullah Hasan Akhund who previously led the regime for its last five years before being overthrown in 2002, who is second only to Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada a hardline jihadist zealot whose son was a suicide bomber.  Akhund named Sirajuddin Haqqani his Interior minister, who is on the FBI’s most-wanted list with a $5 million bounty on his head. The Hindu Kush, the crossroads of the ancient world, and likely to become a stop on China’s renewed Belt and Road initiative as a key stop between Beijing and Tehran is little more than a petty fiefdom run by criminals, terrorists, and murderers, all with Joe Biden’s implicit blessing.

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