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They Just Found Her DEAD BODY… It Was Hamas

Cpl. Noa Marciano, 19, an Israeli soldier, has been used in propaganda videos by Hamas last week.

Marciano was forced to tell Israel to stop bombarding Gaza in the video.

Then the shot cut away to her corpse.

Horrifying Discovery

On Friday, the Israels found the young soldier’s body “adjacent” to the al Shifa Hospital where Hamas was believed to be operating from before Israel launched its ground operation in Gaza.

The IDF posted on X, “The IDF sends its heartfelt condolences to the family and will continue to support them.”

After her death was confirmed, Marciano’s mother stated, “Our dear Noni, in a normal sane world, we shouldn’t be standing here now, but we aren’t in a normal world/

“At 19, you were taken from us prematurely.

“The mind struggles to let go, and the heart refuses to accept.”

In addition to Marciano, Israel has also recovered the body of Judith Weiss, another woman who was taken hostage by Hamas.

Her dead body was also found near the hospital on Wednesday.

I am fairly confident this is only the beginning of the world seeing the atrocities committed by Hamas.

Source: New York Post

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