Timid and Scared: Democrat Leader Unveils the Reason

Kamala Harris is suddenly springing into action after weeks of going MIA from public affairs during the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. What is so dire that it caused Harris to emerge from her weeks-long strategic isolation from Joe Biden and the White House? Something so fatally dangerous to the party brewing in her home state that she could ignore it no longer: Gavin Newsom is in serious trouble. And they’re scared. Initially, she was supposed to begin stumping for Newsom immediately after returning from her Asian diplomatic tour, instead, she was recalled to D.C. where she famously declared “They will not pin this shit on me!” on August 15th according to Becker News.

Those precious weeks in a tight recall race may have already cost Newsom too dearly, while Larry Elder’s national recognition and polls have been on the rise for months before the shenanigans set in.

According to Brietbart,


“Harris said the recall campaign was about national politics: “They think if they can win in California, they can do this anywhere. Well, we will show them: you’re not gonna get this done. Not here, never!”

Poor Kamala even had to face off against flag-waving protestors just 100 feet away from the stage at the Newsom rally, and they had some choice words for her about the Biden-Harris regime’s failure in Afghanistan chanting “No deals for the Taliban, Free Afghanistan!”. It’s almost like Californians have just plain had enough of the establishment, crony Democrats.

Kamala Looks Scared

Just watch the video, Harris seems troubled, her voice cracking, hands frenetic and expressive. She looks desperate.

Polls Can Be Manipulated And Kamala Knows It Well

The most recent polls from FiveThirtyEight show something truly remarkable though… a Newsom rebound? (everybody check your shoes, somebody stepped in something.) If these positively miraculous polls are to be believed, Gavin Newsom has surged an astounding 14.7 points in a matter of weeks!

Something just isn’t adding up here. Democrats have brought out the biggest guns they have left (since Cuomo imploded at least) with Elizabeth Warren and now Harris coming down from on high. They’re pouring obscene amounts of money into this race too. It all smacks of desperation. The Democrat-Socialist machine can spin polls in the most conservative states in the country, do you think they can’t manipulate a few in the very heart of the movement? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Think about it: every poll, even the legendary Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, botched the polling between Trump and Hillary so badly that its a wonder anyone believes polls at all any longer.


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