WATCH As This Veteran Makes Angry Woman Regret Attacking Him in Middle of Restaurant

A video showing a woman slamming a soldier asking for a military discount while ordering food has gone viral.

At first, the veteran was completely stunned by the woman’ reaction, however he soon did something that left her speechless.

And while some online users have questioned the authenticity of the clip, but regardless, the powerful message the veteran shared caused this video to go viral.

The incident was captured by a bystander who shared the clip online.

Within the video, the veteran can be heard asking for a military discount, when immediately after a woman behind him objects, claiming he’s acting entitled asking for “special privileges.”

When the veteran questioned her response, she replied “All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and you deserve all these special discounts.”

The veteran quickly corrected her, stating “It’s not a privilege, it’s a discount. A privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night.”

He continued, “To go home in a free country. Because some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them.”

After finishing his statement, the woman promptly left the restaurant.

Other customers could be seen stepping up and attempting to pay for the veteran’s meal, however the restaurant manager takes the lead and gives him his meal for free.

The video can be seen here:



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