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Watch Tucker Carlson Epically Demonstrate How to Destroy a Corrupt Politician

Just in case you missed this one, here’s a reminder of how epic Tucker Carlson really is. The former Fox News host has been making waves since his departure from the news outlet and is sure to continue that streak for sometime. But for now, let’s take a look back at this epic takedown.

In 2017, a heated conversation between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff ignited the internet.

It was a spectacular display of how to completely destroy someone who is lying – particularly when it comes to politics.

The debate even contained an element of irony that Dave Rubin could appreciate.

It all started with the question: “Can you look right into the camera and say, ‘I know for a fact the government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of John Podesta’s email?”

To which Congressman Schiff confidently responded, “Absolutely. The government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, Tucker interrupted him by saying: “Of John Podesta’s email?”

But instead of actually answering this question directly, Schiff went off on another tangent without providing any concrete information or evidence to support his claims.

This prompted Carlson to berate him with accusations such as “you don’t know it” and “you’re carrying water for the Kremlin”.

To which Schiff replied defensively by calling him out as being “duplicitous.”

Despite attempting numerous times to derail the conversation with red herring insults, Tucker refused to back down.

He kept pressing Congressmen Shiff for factual answers until finally asking one last time: “Look in the camera and say they hacked John Podesta’s emails, we know for a fact that Putin’s government did that.”

After being unable to answer this final question definitively (as if he didn’t already have enough problems), Schiff simply said: “I’m not going to be specific as to those emails.”

To which Tucker replied again accusingly: “Oh because you don’t know it.”

There are some valuable lessons we can learn from this epic showdown between two political heavyweights – namely about truthfulness and accountability when making public statements.

It also serves as an example of how quickly lies can get exposed when there is intense scrutiny applied by experts like Carlson who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions or hold people accountable for their words.

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