A Woman Got The Vaccine And Dropped Dead A Day Later...

Woman Suffers FATAL Consequence After Getting the Vaccine

An woman in her 50s passed away from a rare blood clot disorder just one day after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. The woman passed away nearly a year ago, yet for some reason, news outlets are only breaking the story this month.

On the evening of May 5th, 2021, the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced in a post on social media the vaccine-caused death of an Alberta woman in her 50s.

Hinshaw and Alberta Health would not confirm the identity of the woman, but family and friends say her name was Lisa Stonehouse, a 52 year old mother from Edmonton.

“I am sad to report tonight that we have confirmed Alberta’s first death from VITT following vaccination from the AstraZeneca #COVID19AB vaccine. My sincere condolences go out to those grieving this loss,” Dr. Hinshaw wrote on Twitter.

Surprisingly, Dr. Hinshaw was brave enough to acknowledge that the woman’s death was related to the COVID vaccine, and she promised to alert citizens of Alberta as soon as possible in such confirmed instances.

“My apologies for sharing this sad news so late, but we’d promised to alert Albertans as soon as possible in such confirmed instances,” Hinshaw tweeted.

“While any death is tragic, it’s important to remember that the risk of death or other severe outcomes remains far greater than the risks following the AstraZeneca vaccine. This marks the second VITT case and only related death out of 253,000 AstraZeneca doses in Alberta to date,” she wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Almost a year later, another COVID vaccine-related death is being discussed: the brain-bleed death of a 34 year old wife — and mother of 14 year old and 7 year old boys — is being attributed to a side-effect of the AstraZeneca COVID jab. The death was confirmed by a coroner in the UK.

More details on this issue were included in a BBC report:

A mother died from a “catastrophic” bleed on the brain caused by a rare side-effect of the Covid-19 vaccine, a coroner has concluded.

Kim Lockwood, 34, complained of an excruciating headache eight days after her AstraZeneca jab in March 2021.

Her condition quickly deteriorated and she was pronounced dead 17 hours after being admitted to Rotherham Hospital.

South Yorkshire Coroner Nicola Mundy said Mrs. Lockwood had been “extremely unlucky”.

At Doncaster Coroner’s court, she recorded the cause of death as Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) and returned a verdict of misadventure.

Epoch Times also reported on the issue, writing:

The coroner said her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was pronounced dead 17 hours after being admitted to the hospital, eight days after getting the shot.

An article published by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information says VITT is “defined as a clinical syndrome” that entails the “development of thrombosis at uncommon sites” that include cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or splanchnic venous thrombosis. Thrombosis occurs when blood clots block veins or arteries.

The American Society of Hematology in January 2022 stated that VITT is marked by low platelet count, known as thrombocytopenia, and blood clots that usually occur in the splanchnic veins located in the abdomen and stomach or the cerebral veins located in the brain.

Lockwood’s husband, Damian, told news outlets that his wife, a mother of two, had complained that “her head felt like it was going to explode,” while her father, Wayne Merrill, recalled her last words, which he said were that her headache was “actually killing her.”

The UK government says there have been 438 reported cases of thromboembolic events (blood clotting) and 79 deaths to date after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

100 Percent FedUp comments:

The percentages of deaths or life-altering vaccine injuries don’t matter to the families of the deceased victims of COVID jabs or caretakers of permanently disabled individuals…what matters to them is they were told the vaccines would protect them from the CCP virus and now they are dead or will be forever in the care of someone else. #TheirLivesMattered and it’s time we stop accepting their deaths and injuries because we’re afraid to speak up or speak out.

Source: Patriot Nation Press

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