A Man Got The Trans Surgery And He Just Found Out A Major Mistake A Little Too Late

In today’s society, we very often hear about the LGBTQ+ community and individuals seeking transitional surgeries, however something that is rarely discussed is people who regret their transition.

Leading genital reconstructive surgeon Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic shared that even though it’s not highlighted in mainstream culture, more and more people these days regret their sex change and want to ‘de-transition.’

Often times, young people sign up for transitional surgery thinking it is the solution to their confusion and problems, only to become deeply disillusioned after the fact.

This is the case for one British man who is suing the United Kingdom’s National Health Service for permitting him to have transitional surgery without considering his mental illness beforehand, in his opinion.

35-year-old Ritchie Herron revealed that life has been challenging to the point of unbearable since his surgery over 4 years ago. His initial goal was to change sex, but the surgery left him barren and incontinent.

Daily Mail reported tat Herron is a civil servant that lives in Newcastle, England and is only one example of a growing population of individuals who misidentified a struggle with mental health for gender dysphoria.

Herron underwent the irreversible vaginoplasty four years ago, which he says he regretted the moment he awoke from the surgery.

Daily Mail published the story of Herron and his struggles, wherein Herron said in the interview, “My first thought as I came round was ‘Oh God! What have I done?'”

Not only does he still experience emotional anguish, he explained to the news outlet that the act of using the bathroom is still a painful, 10-minute process and his sex drive is completely gone. He added that his crotch area is entirely numb and “shell-shocked.”

Herron is currently suing the U.K.’s National Health Service for being fast-tracked by an NHS “gender clinic” into “making the biggest mistake of his life.” The Daily Mail reveals that gender clinic referrals have grown by 1,700%, with many patients being children or young adults.

Herron said he had “suppressed his homosexuality” for decades and now realizes that his “confusion” was caused by his inability to accept he was gay.

Here is Herron discussing his situation in a YouTube interview in May:

Watch it here: FabianLiberty/Youtube

Herron, who posts on Twitter under the handle TullipR, explains:

Western Journal commented:

From his story, it looks like he was a vulnerable young man who was quickly pressured into this diagnosis and, eventually, to undergo surgery.

Many young people, particularly adolescents, are mixed up and like Herron, think transitioning will solve their problems. Unfortunately, health professionals, school counselors, and hip parents are often too quick to agree with them.

Cases like Herron’s are a wakeup call. Rather than glamorizing this dangerous trend and worrying about offending transgenders, society needs to take a closer look at the irreversible damage it’s already inflicted on so many people.

Responsible parties (and indeed the whole rotten system) should face a reckoning. These people are destroying the futures of vulnerable young people to the applause of Western liberals everywhere.

TullipR tweeted this morning that we need a full-scale investigation into the effectiveness of “gender-affirming” care, including surgery, hormones, and puberty blockers.

Sources: WesternJournal, Daily Mail


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