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Jessica Simpson Posts Steamy Bikini Photos Online, Fans Go WILD

Jessica Simpson, the multi-talented entertainer and business mogul, has always been candid about her struggles with body image.

But when she recently posted a bikini selfie on Instagram to celebrate her weight loss journey, the response was mixed.

At 41 years old, Jessica Simpson has dealt with an extraordinary amount of media scrutiny regarding her weight throughout the years.

She was particularly hard on herself during her third pregnancy but eventually decided enough was enough.

In a powerful moment of self-empowerment, she declared “goodbye” to the scale that had been weighing her down and sent a clear message that nobody can dictate how she feels about herself anymore.

No matter what anyone else thinks or says, Simpson is in full command of her own story and health journey now—and many people have praised her for it.

Her post inspired others on social media who appreciated hearing such an uplifting story from someone they can look up to.

“Here I was, creating life, this miracle baby that we didn’t expect but welcomed because we knew she was exactly who we needed to complete our family,” she wrote for Amazon Original Stories, via E! News. “My heart literally beat for hers. I looked down at my belly, which was all I could see back then anyway, then over to the scale. ‘This,’ I said aloud, ‘is not right.’”

Here were some of the responses:

“Amazing accomplishment-not just the weight but the self-confidence,” one person wrote. “Love to see it! And you look great!!”

“I’m almost at 100lbs down, and my stomach looks like a melted candle,” wrote another fan. “You are so lucky.”

Others were simply inspired by Simpson’s success.

“As someone struggling with weight loss myself, this is definitely an inspiration to me,” the fan wrote.

However, there was a select group that ridiculed Simpson for losing weight.

“I’m saddened by this photo,” wrote someone else. “You are way too thin to the point of malnourishment. I hope you realize that your beauty is not your weight, and the best gift you can give your children is to not equate weight/looks with self-worth.”

“Nice — That’s what being rich and (having) a personal trainer gets ya,” added another person.

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