Alarming New Disease Spreading Across China

Dr. Robert Malone, the courageous physician who has become a household name, not for his key role in the development of mRNA technology but for his resistance of authoritarian vaccination mandates appeared on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom warning of a new disease that is cutting a swath across the Chinese countryside. The very sentence he described it with is utterly chilling an “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus”. According to reports of this latest viral outbreak to afflict the Chinese Communist State, it is, like COVID before it, being largely hidden by Beijing. Both its nature and the scale of its spread through the populace remain largely unknown at this time.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

“This has many experts worried including Dr. Malone who is the inventor of the mRNA vaccines.  Dr. Malone today told the War Room audience that he is hearing the current disease that is spreading across China is reportedly an “Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus.”  The regime is hiding the true nature of this disease from the public and from the global community — Just like last time!”

Dr. Malone told Bannon, “They are using language that this is a hemorrhagic fever virus. If that’s the case then it would be very odd that this would be something caused by the Coronavirus. That terminology is usually used for viruses in the family of Ebola. So this is something that many people have feared is the development of a rapidly spreading Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus. But we have not knowledge of whether that is going on here or not.”


An ‘Ebola-like’ hemorrhagic fever virus

In 2013-2016 an outbreak of the Ebola virus claimed the lives of an estimated 11,323 people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, and Senegal with the vast majority of infections and fatalities occurring in West Africa. A total of 28,646 people were reported infected by the World Health Organization. Infection was most pronounced in Sierra Leon which experienced approximately 14,000. Ebola causes a failure in blot clotting and leaking from blood vessels throughout the body resulting in vomiting and coughing up blood, inflammation, tissue damage, organ failure and if untreated: death in approximately 50% of patients.

Xi’an City In Shaanxi Province

WION reported,

“According to China’s state-run Global Times, the country’s northwest Shaanxi province has witnessed several cases of hemorrhagic fever.

The Chinese newspaper said it is a “natural epidemic disease with high fatality rate”. However, there is no confirmation on the exact number of fatalities.

Report says rodents are the main source of infection. A mouse bite on food including edibles infected with mouse blood or faeces also causes the disease.

The newspaper quoting medical experts said it does not cause “human-to-human transmission”. It can also be prevented through vaccination.”

It is notable that in a story dated Dec. 24th during the lockdown of millions in Xi’an city in the northwest of Shaanxi, “reports claim there has been “multiple community transmission chains” including hemorrhagic fever cases. China’s state-run Global Times quoting public health officials reported that it is a “grim and complicated epidemic situation”. The Chinese daily said the hemorrhagic fever “shared similarity in early-stage symptoms with COVID-19″. The report said there were also cases imported from abroad coming in from international flights.”

The reporting is confused and muddled, but one thing is absolutely certain: the Chinese Communist Party is once again: not telling the world what is happening and once again: there is something terribly wrong in the northwest of China. It is also doubtful that the Biden-Harris regime would have the foresight or will to terminate all travel to and from the Communist state as President Trump did in the early stages of COVID19, so it may not remain a ‘Chinese problem’ for long.


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